Thursday, November 11, 2010

Jeremy – Another Writer In My Family

Grandson Jeremy pushing Great Granddaughter Ayla in swing
Finally! Somebody else in my family (which includes my parents, my two sisters, my four children, my ten grandchildren, and my two great grandchildren) wants to write.

My nine-year-old grandson, Jeremy (who admittedly is about as strange as the rest of my family – maybe he got it from me), is in the process of writing a story! Finally, one of my offspring's offspring has caught the writing bug.

I can't wait to read it Рit's about a Chinese serial killer named Jos̩.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Why I Have No Time To Write

Nolan and Ayla Eating Lunch In The Back Yard
In addition to watching two of my grandchildren (Nolan and Audrey) every day (mostly Nolan when Audrey is in school), I am now watching Ayla (my great granddaughter) for the week while her mommy (my granddaughter, Sarah) picks up her daddy from California to drive him back to Illinois. No more Marines for Drew.

So in order for me to get any writing done at all, I have to sneak on the computer when everybody is preoccupied. Right now, Nolan and Ayla are seated at a table eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (see photo).

Prior to eating, we drove to the bank and to Walgreens to get a couple of my prescriptions filled. On the way there, the kids decided they wanted to play a game.

Nolan said, "I'm Super Why."

Ayla said, "I'm Super Princess."

And Nolan added, "Grandma, you can be the pig."

What more can I add? 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

T-Ball With Kaden

Kaden at t-ball
I forgot to mention one tiny little event that occurred on my recent visit to Virginia. My son had pulled into the parking lot for my grandson's t-ball game. The tiny parking lot was surrounded by trees, so I was having a hard time imagining where the field might be. All I could see was a port-a-potty, other cars, and a bunch of trees.

It had to be behind the forest preserve, I reasoned. And it was. Unlike any t-ball field I've ever seen, this one was down a very l-o-n-g, steep trail that led to an open field. I was huffing and puffing by the time we got to the bottom of the mountain. The other team forgot to show up though, so we had to leave.

The weekend after my first visit to this field, I would return with my son's three children, because he and his wife were on a white-water rafting trip. With the help of GPS, I found my way to the parking lot and managed to get the ball, the bat, the cap, the helmet, the drinks, and the kids down the trail and on to the field. YAY! I could finally sit down.

Midway through the second inning (out of only three), Kaden came to me to tell me he had to go to the bathroom.

"Really? Now? You're going to make me hike all the way back to the parking lot where the port-a-potty is located? You can't wait? You'll miss half the game!" 

But he really had to go, so I asked Taylor to watch Zac while I trekked back up the mountain to the outdoor potty.

Out of breath and realizing I didn't have any tissue with me, but unwilling to hike back to the fields, I opened the door to hell and watched Kaden walk in. He froze in sheer panic and started to vomit. He had made the mistake of looking inside the port-a-potty.

"I can't do this!" he cried. 

"Just do it quickly," I suggested. "Don't look."

"I can't. It's too disgusting. It smells too bad."

I wanted to say I'd stay inside with him, but I couldn't. I know. I'm a horrible grandma, but I was almost vomiting too; the stench was that bad. 

We argued for a while: 

"I have to go!"

"So go!"

"I can't."

"Then what do you want to do?"

"I want to go."

"So go!"

"I can't."

After I realized the conversation was forming a circular pattern, I offered Kaden the ground outside the port-a-potty as an option.

But I had no toilet paper with me and Kaden was really concerned: "What if somebody sees me?"

So we decided he would tough it out. He hobbled back to the game, holding his stomach the whole way, and throughout the rest of that game and the next worked through the pain.

What a trooper my little Kaden was. If he ever has bowel obstruction problems, though, I'm blaming the people who are supposed to be in charge of cleaning the port-a-potty.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Christmas In an Online Bed/Bath Shop

Christmas is coming and while I'd love to tell you about gifts you can purchase for your loved ones, I'd really like to tell you about gifts you can give to YOURSELF! I have never seen bedding like the New Bedding by Veratex or the New Bedding by Triangle Home Fashions. These are some of the most beautiful comforter sets I've ever seen. And if you'd prefer Chenille & Matelasse Bedspreads, check out that link as well. The colors and selection are amazing.

This place offers far more than just bedding, too. You can also take advantage of their Slipcover Sale, their Table Runners and Place Mats, and even their Modern Stools and Chairs.

Just click any of the links in this blog and you'll be taken to the spots that sell the items.

And if you've ever wanted an Outdoor Fireplaces (perfect for this time of year and they are so beautiful), check out that selection. Gorgeous stuff. Too bad my daughter didn't know about this place when she was looking for a fire pit for her husband last Christmas.

OK, now for the "shopping for others" part of this blog (though I suppose you could purchase any of the items listed above for them too): If you have any sports fans, like Chicago Cubs or Chicago White Sox fans, check out their MLB Shower Curtain and Accessories. OK, I'm going to shop now – I mean stop now.

 Happy Shopping! You can thank me later.