Sunday, December 30, 2012

Child Does Something Special for His Dad

Nolan is a sweet child, always making presents for loved ones. He gets out his little crayons and scissors and cuts and pastes masterpieces for everyone he loves. 

I see him engrossed in his artwork where tiny pieces of colored paper fall to the floor around him. Paste, covered with marker and duct tape, sticks to my table.

He uses whatever is at his disposal to make his gifts and when he is finished, he hands his creative items to recipients who fawn over them as if they are Rembrandts. 

He is also one who doesn't shy away from the kitchen. He'll whip up chocolate syrup peanut butter sandwiches for the entire family at 8:00 a.m. just to be nice.

So when Nolan's father, who had been feeling ill the past few days, mentioned more than once that Nolan needed a haircut, Nolan (being Nolan) thought, "I'll do something special for my dad."

Nolan's Gift for His Dad (that's hair on the milk gallon)

He didn't realize after he cut his hair, how his hair would look.
Here he is embarrassed, but Grandma thinks
he's still a handsome little man.

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Grandma is So Annoying!

Nolan, Avery, and Audrey

When I'm around kids, I tend to sing – a lot – nothing you would know, mind you, because I make up my own songs, and I don't have a very good voice, but I can't help myself. I have a macaroni and cheese song, for instance, and others that just come to me as I work around the kitchen.

I think the reason I sing is because I find it hard to concentrate even when what I'm making is something simple. In large groups, I often sing in my head, just to avoid the distraction of other people who will confuse me just by their presence. 

Holidays are especially difficult, because I might be preparing several things at once, and I usually forget at least one item because somebody interrupted my train of thought. Whenever that train leaves the station I'm pretty much assured that it will make several stops along the way and just stay where it lands regardless of where the destination was supposed to bring me. This past Thanksgiving, for instance, I forgot the stuffing.

Anyway, I'd like to share with you my annoying habit. Here is me singing to myself as I grab slices of bread, peanut butter, jelly, a spoon, and a knife so that Audrey and Nolan can make their own PB&J sandwiches (remember, I'm singing – repeatedly) – so here, for your enjoyment (or agitation), is my song (you'll have to make up your own tune):

A spoon and a knife and a spoon and a knife and a spoon and a knife and a spoon.
A spoon and a knife and a spoon and a knife and a spoon and a knife and a spoon.
A spoon and a knife
A spoon and a knife
And a spoon and a knife and a spoon

In my defense, if I hadn't sung to myself, I might have forgotten the spoon and the knife (remember the stuffing?)

After I sang the song, I heard this:

Nolan: (to me after about the fifth time of hearing the song) You're being annoying.

Audrey: (to Nolan) You're being mean.

Nolan: (to Audrey, agitated) I'm not being mean.

Me: Nolan, do you really think I'm being annoying?

Nolan: Yeah. But I'm not being mean; you're really being annoying.

I love that my grandkids are so honest.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Crabby Granddaughter

Audrey with Mysterious Orb

Audrey was not in a good mood yesterday. Mostly she complained about her mom working and not being home for her. Unusual for Audrey, she was particularly crabby yesterday and no amount of teasing would snap her out of it.

She became easily frustrated over homework, threw her pencil across the table, and stomped around the house. When her mom came home, I told Brittney, "One of your kids was REALLY crabby today." 

Nolan and Avery were oblivious to the comment, but Audrey immediately lowered her head, puckered out her lips, and crossed her eyebrows. I think she was amazed that her mom figured out which one was the culprit.

Shortly after I arrived home, Audrey called me. 

"I'm sorry, Grandma."

I wanted to make sure she knew why she was apologizing. "For what?"

"For being mean."

"You weren't being mean, Audrey. You were being crabby."

"I'm sorry for being crabby."

I was sure Brittney prompted the phone call. "Did your mom tell you to call me?"

"No, I called you myself."

Oh, what pride I felt, that Audrey took it upon herself to apologize to me with no prompting whatsoever from her mom. I had to let Audrey know how I was feeling.

"I'm so proud of you, Audrey. Nobody had to tell you to call me. You did it by yourself."

"Yeah, I had to call you; I didn't want to be on Santa's naughty list."


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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sleeping With My Sisters

A funny thing happens when I get together with my sisters. Let me rephrase that – a LOT of funny things happen when I get together with my sisters. We had another one of our Super Sister Sleepovers recently and managed to laugh ourselves into a coma again and, I'm not ashamed to admit, we were in bed by 10.

Prior to bed time, however, we opened a bottle of ButterShots! If you've ever tasted butterscotch, I want you to imagine it as liquid candy cascading over ice.  

Of course we were laughing before we drank, and, knowing we had even more ButterShots, PLUS a whole bottle of Moscato (which we never touched) sitting in our hotel room, we drank only water and other safe drinks at dinner where, once again, we laughed throughout – mostly at my baby sister, Kathy. Kathy's nursing escapades are riotous, especially when she doesn't get enough sleep. I recount one of those experiences in my blog, Perils of a Night Shift Nurse. If you've ever been so tired you could barely stand up, you owe it to yourself to read that blog.

Lest you think I am ignoring my middle sister, Cindy, let me assure you that she appears in my blogs occasionally too. For instance, she shares my pain in The Day My Mom Made Cindy and Me Into Chia Pets. True story. I still cringe when I see Chia Pets.

I have previously written about our sleepovers in my embarrassing article about our 1st Super Sister Sleepover adventure (linked). The reason I am embarrassed by it is not because of anything that happened during the sleepover, but because I didn't notice when I published it that I wrote, "new," instead of "knew," in the second paragraph. Shame on me! I should "no" better! (Sorry. Sometimes I can't help myself – obviously.)

But back to our most current sleepover. We discovered something about each other during this sleepover – we all snore! Because I toss and turn all night, my sisters had graciously given me my own bed. Apparently shortly after I fell asleep, which to me seemed to take forever, I was snoring. But I recall before falling asleep that somebody else was snoring.

Anyway, at one point during the night – I didn't learn about these events until morning – Cindy thought Kathy was snoring and used a technique that Cindy used on her husband, Craig, to stop his snoring. She slammed her fists into the mattress repeatedly in an effort to get Kathy to stop snoring. Her method wasn't  working, however, because Kathy continued to snore, while Cindy got more and more agitated with each powerful slam!

Occasionally Cindy and Kathy would awaken and I would hear them giggle or argue (I couldn't tell the difference), but I couldn't hear exactly what they were saying, so I tried to fall back to sleep.

The following morning, when Kathy went to the washroom, Cindy told me that the giggling was about all the snoring that was going on. 

When Cindy went to the bathroom, Kathy wanted me to know about Cindy's sleeping problem – she twitched – a lot – and violently. As a matter of fact, the twitching was so bad, Kathy described the twitching as convulsive spasms. Having just heard from Cindy about her remedy for getting Kathy to stop snoring, I roared with laughter thinking about the violence Cindy used to punch the mattress and how concerned Nurse Kathy was about her sister's spasmodic twitchy medical problem.

The following morning, Mom met us for breakfast, where we all shared a meal and even more laughter. Next year we want to expand our Super Sister Sleepover to include our mom who never had a sister and my daughters, and maybe even the older female granddaughters. I'm buying all of us muzzles – or maybe mufflers.

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Gangnam Style – Wiza Style

And for those of you who would like to watch the original Gangnam Style video, please click the link.

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Remember That Play Spider? Don't Touch It!

Every Monday morning I drive to my youngest daughter's home to care for three of my grandchildren.

This morning, before I left my home, Brittney called to tell me that she may have to go to the doctor because her whole hand was hurt and swollen due to what she believed might be a spider bite.

Then, when I arrived at her home, she warned me, "You know that play spider the kids keep playing with?"


"Don't touch it. It could be the real thing. We've found a couple of wolf spiders, and they look just like that one."

Great! So, here I am, on hyper-alert status, watching the floor and walls and leaping on Avery to make sure she doesn't put one in her mouth. I haven't seen one yet, and yes, I know they are not poisonous, but I've found a safe place for the kids.

Nolan, Avery, and Audrey in the tub
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Sunday, October 7, 2012

True Incident of Adding Insult to Injury

I usually fall UP the stairs. I know. That makes no sense. I probably should have said that I usually TRIP up the stairs, but my mother always told me that generally people fall DOWN the stairs, indicating to me that because I tripped UP the stairs and never fell DOWN the stairs, I must be that one in a kabillion (my version of an infinite number, making my statistic impossible to prove) who falls UP the stairs.

Every day, on my way home from school, I had to climb three little stairs to get from the back step to the kitchen. I couldn't avoid those stairs, because my bedroom and – well – the entire rest of the house, excluding the basement – was also UP those three stairs. But every day I tripped up them. Every day. Without fail. And I would hear my mother laughing, "I know who's home." 

Taunting me. Relentlessly taunting me.

It got to the point where I would stand at the bottom of those three stairs and imagine myself leaping up all three of them at once, so as to avoid climbing them. And then, CRASH! That didn't work.

I concentrated on lifting one foot over the other, but nothing worked. I was convinced that some invisible poltergeist was grabbing my pant legs just as I lifted my foot – every time. I still have scars all the way up and down both of my legs from my numerous trips up the stairs.

And then yesterday, for possibly the fourth time in my life, I fell down the stairs. I remember clearly all three other times I fell down the stairs. Once, when I was in high school, I had convinced a dear friend of mine that I had found a short cut in D building to get to F building. The short cut turned out to be me sliding down the stairs butt first. The second time I fell down the stairs I was living in an apartment with two of my children. Once again, I slid down an entire floor of stairs and badly bruised my back.

The third time was when I was living in a different apartment. The manager had installed indoor plastic lining on the outdoor steps. One cold blustery day as I attempted to get to work, I noticed that the plastic corners of each step had curled upwards and that every step had become a ramp caked with ice. The railing too was caked with ice. I could have stayed home, but I had to get to work. (I'm very conscientious.)

As I grabbed onto the railing and carefully placed my foot on the step beneath me, my foot slid out from under me and I skated down the stairs one step at a time until I crash landed on the bottom step.

The fourth time occurred last night when I was at my daughter's apartment. I was there to watch her fiance's daughter, Myraiah, and was fortunate to also have for company two of my grandchildren (Travis and Wesley) and two of my great grandchildren (Ayla and Billy). As I descended the carpeted stairs, my pant leg slid between my sock and the stairs, and down I went, toe first.

See the results? 

I sat down on the steps and held onto my foot. And then, to my horror, I felt my toenail in my sock. I was afraid to remove my sock. Travis and Wesley ran around the apartment in search of bandages. I bravely removed my sock, only to discover that the nail polish itself, in one huge clump, had fallen into my sock. Myraiah wanted to keep it, but I told her we had to let it go. It was too painful a reminder of the horror I had just experienced.

To add insult to injury, Myraiah patted my stomach last night and nodded in a conspiratorial manner as if we both knew some BIG secret. As compassionately as she could possibly speak, she said, "You're going to have a baby, aren't you?"

This morning, her father, John, offered me a donut!!!!! A donut!!! Why? To feed my unborn baby (named Fat)!

I swear, as God as my witness, as soon as I can stand on my foot, I will destroy Fat!

Monday, September 24, 2012

My New Home?

She's not even my granddaughter yet and she is already amusing me. When my daughter, Lindsey, marries John, she will become stepmom to Myraiah. This past weekend I had her spend the night with her soon-to-be-cousins, Audrey, Kaden, Nolan, and Zac.

Myraiah stood in my dining room and announced, "I can't wait until you move into your new house."

I was perplexed. I wasn't even selling my home, but I asked, "What new home?"

"You know, the one with the upstairs, the downstairs, and a basement?" 

Now that I think about it, I think she was probably referring to my youngest daughter's dream home, which she might have heard us all discussing at one time, but when Myraiah mentioned MY new home, I had not thought about Brittney's next home.

"I'm not moving into a new house, Myraiah."

Myraiah looked around at my two towering book shelves, all the suitcases (from overnight grandchildren visitors), all the toys scattered throughout the dining room, living room, and family room (a mess she helped create), and decided, "Yeah, you have a lot of stuff. You should probably just stay here."

Good idea, Myraiah. If my home were any smaller, I wouldn't have had the pleasure (exhausting as it was) to have so many grandchildren spend the night with me this past weekend). 

Along without the photo of Myraiah trying to keep noodles on her fork, is a photo of five of my grandchildren sleeping (see if you can find all five of them – from left to right, Zac, Myraiah, Nolan, Audrey, and Kaden).

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How Long Have I Known You?

Nolan sat next to me at the table, his head cocked to one side as he looked at me. "How long have you known me?" he wanted to know. 

Before I could answer, he added, "I think I was three or four when I met you."

How could I hold back a laugh? I grabbed his little face and pulled it close, kissing his cheek. And then I hugged him. 

"I've known you your whole life, Nolan."

 The first time I saw Nolan, his dad was walking out of the delivery room carrying him toward me and Nolan's paternal grandmother and grandfather. I've been in love with this little guy since before he was born, and though he is only 5-years-old, I feel as if I have known him forever.

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Toddler Times

Amanda with her two boys, Billy and Colin

Mommy Breaks 18-Month-Old's Heart

Babies who haven't yet figured out that when Mommy or Daddy walks out of a room, parents won't disappear forever, have difficulty with abandonment issues. 

Here is what happened earlier this week when my great-grandson, Colin, who had previously been sitting on the couch with his mother (my granddaughter, Amanda), left the couch and walked away.

Mommy made the mistake of saying, "Bye!" and Colin had a meltdown, thinking his mommy was leaving him. Amanda said he acted as if she had broken his heart. 

Brings back so many memories of my own kids and other grandkids who react the same way until they understand that leaving for a few moments doesn't mean leaving forever.

And now a story about Colin's older brother, Billy:

3-Year Old Wants to Complain to Burger King Employee

When Amanda decided to take a ride to Burger King's drive-through to get some cinnamon rolls, 3-year-old Billy, who loves cinnamon rolls (so does his great-grandma) was excited. Knowing Billy, he was probably jumping up and down in his car seat in anticipation of the tasty treats. 

So you can imagine his disappointment at hearing that Burger King didn't have any cinnamon rolls made at that moment.

Here is the conversation between Amanda and Billy:

Amanda (to Billy): They don't have any cinnamon rolls.

Billy: Roll down the window.

Amanda: Why?

Billy (very upset): Because I want to talk to that lady about my cinnamon rolls!

Amanda didn't roll down his window. You just never know what Billy might say :)

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Do Unto Others As You Did Unto Their Sisters

On August 7th of this year, I practically gave an award to one of my granddaughters for her artistic achievement. Audrey drew a picture of a pirate ship and I wrote about it in a blog entitled, Great Job, Audrey! (If you click the link you can see it).

Nolan found out about the blog and erroneously assumed that I loved her more than I did him. Isn't that whole, "she (or he) loves you more" comment supposed to be saved for Mom or Dad? 

Anyway, Nolan is 5 years old (Audrey is 7 and will turn 8 just before Halloween). And yes, Nolan, I am as proud of your artwork as I am of Audrey's. 

Can anybody guess what Nolan drew in this picture? I guessed it right away. SpongeBob, of course!

Congratulations, Nolan, you did an awesome job!

And now a note to all of my other grandchildren and great grandchildren – your parents get upset with me for blogging about them. I do anyway (ha ha ha ha ha), but I disguise their names to protect the innocent (me). So I would LOVE for you to tell me what you've done or said, so I can blog about you too.

By the way, Nolan, I did blog about you in my Your Weird Dreams blog. If you missed Vivid Dreams Disappear Over Time, click the link. I loooooove you!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Forensic Babies

Avery – with attitude – and her cousin, Travis

Avery will be one year old on September 14. She has no desire to walk because everything she needs is on the floor. The family/living room is located next to the back deck that blows lots of little goodies onto the floor every time somebody opens the door. 

With a mom, a dad, and two siblings (not to mention other family members, like me – her grandma) who frequently open that door, Avery has her pick from all kinds of lint, crumbs, and anything else that lands on the floor, including the fly that she tried to catch yesterday. You can just imagine what a delight that shiny wooden floor is to a baby who has to taste EVERYTHING.

From her vantage point, I discovered what the family had for lunch the day before, because one small hard macaroni shell, hidden from my view, didn't escape Avery's watchful eye. She immediately plunged it into her mouth, and I immediately grabbed it from her.

The tiniest speck of a leaf the vacuum missed found its way into her mouth too. As a matter of fact, my fingers spent most of the morning in Avery's mouth.

After tiring of running after her, I asked her if she wanted to go outside. Whereas the month before she was perfectly content to sit on my lap, yesterday she wanted DOWN. As I scanned the deck, I saw that I would have to lung for all the leaves I found there. 

I missed one. Avery saw it. She looked back at me to determine how fast I might be able to get to her before she shoved it into her mouth – the whole leaf. I jumped off the chair. She crawled as fast as her knees would carry her. I grabbed her and pulled the leaf from her mouth.

And she SCREAMED at me! She has never screamed at me. But she became even more enraged when I laughed at her for screaming at me. So I brought her into the house and decided that if she was hungry enough to eat a leaf, she must be hungry enough to eat the baby food she earlier refused to eat.

She glared at me, defiant. She was NOT going to have that baby food! She wanted raw vegetation! And she screamed at me again.

Soooo, I put her in her crib, handed her a bottle of soy milk (she's lactose intolerant) and told her that when she calmed down I would come back to get her. She grabbed the bottle from my hand, put it into her mouth, and I walked out of the room, closing the door behind me. 

Minutes later she was standing in her crib, singing. I opened the door and she smiled at me. All was forgiven and we went back to the room where I discovered even more lint that I had missed before.

So now I'm thinking, because I'm such an NCIS and Criminal Minds fan, why investigators don't use babies to find evidence. They are so good at noticing things we adults miss. Maybe I'll start my own show – Forensic Babies!

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

I Wanna Meet the Tooth Fairy

When Audrey lost another tooth (a couple of months ago), the Tooth Fairy waited until she fell asleep to grab the tooth and replace it with money, a familiar process for every mother and father – oops! I mean tooth fairy.

The tooth fairy in my home would reach under the pillow while little children slept and feel for that tiny little tooth. Often the tooth got lost in that wide space under the pillow. Sometimes the tooth fairy forgot. Sometimes the tooth fairy couldn't find the little tooth.

Creative parents would wrap the tooth in a plastic bag or a satin tooth holder, but not me – I just told the kids to put their tooth under their pillows. Chances were, I'd probably forget about it anyway.

Teeth weren't worth much back when I was a kid. Now baby teeth are valuable. I should have saved my kids' teeth – but how could I have known about stem cells back then? 

OK, sorry. I was sidetracked thinking of all the teeth that found their way under pillows in my home. But back to the Audrey tooth story:

The Tooth Fairy reached under the pillow and tried to locate the tooth without disturbing Audrey's dreams. However, Audrey had a death grip on the tooth and the tooth fairy couldn't pry Audrey's hands open without awakening her. Apparently Audrey wanted to meet the Tooth Fairy and knew that if she gripped her tooth in her hand, she would awaken when the Tooth Fairy took her tooth.

Sadly, for God knows how many times, the Tooth Fairy failed to complete her mission. Mom had to tell Audrey that the Tooth Fairy probably couldn't find the tooth hidden in her hand. Next time she should let go.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Where Am I?

Once upon a long long time ago, within a period of three months I moved from Chicago to New York to San Diego and then back to Chicago. You may wonder why I moved so many times in one season. The truth is, I was trying to find myself. Yes, I am from the generation where finding ourselves was of utmost importance, and I was determined to find ME. 

So there I was, on the beach, looking out across the Pacific Ocean, deep in thought, trying to figure out my purpose in life. In despair, because I couldn't answer my own question, I wrapped my arms around my legs, put my head on my knees, closed my eyes, and asked myself the questions of all questions: Who AM I? Where AM I? 

After several minutes (maybe longer – I might have fallen asleep) I gave up asking. Apparently I would never know. When I opened my eyes, absolute pitch-black darkness surrounded me, providing the answer to my question. I had no idea where I was – I was utterly lost. I couldn't even find my way back up the slope, because I could see nothing.

Then one day I realized that finding myself meant just figuring out WHO I was meant to be (and yes, I know I should have written whom). The WHERE didn't matter, because wherever I was, I had to learn to be comfortable with ME.

Over the years I continued to move a lot, though for the past five years I have managed to stay in the same location (I really like it here), sharing my home periodically with numerous family members who move in and out. However, once everybody moves out permanently, I will have to figure out how I can afford to stay in my home by myself, even if staying means finding a company that will streamline refinance rates so that I can afford my currently outrageous mortgage.

Unless (always has to be an unless) one of my screenplays or teleplays sells. Then I might have to move to Hollywood and it won't be an issue :)

So the answer to the question, "Where Am I? is, "I am where I am until I am somewhere else."

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Family Vacation In Myrtle Beach

I had to post this photo my daughter took of her three children (my grandchildren) on the last day of their vacation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I just love the way it looks (thank you, Brittney):

I'm still in Virginia, heading back home to Illinois in a couple of days. I won't miss Virginia (although one day I hope to visit Virginia Beach), but I will most definitely miss my son.

My vision of all of my children and grandchildren living around one huge lake in our own homes is a dream that may never come true, but I have a rich fantasy life, and in that world, we all live on a beautiful pristine lake, get together often, and enjoy all the amenities lake living has to offer.

Some day?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Spoiling your feline friend with cat treats

There are so many ways to spoil your cat with cat treats (food and non-food treats!) We have compiled a list of 10 ways to treat & spoil your cat!
  1. Brushing – Cats enjoy being brushed. It provides them a way to bond with you, feels great for them, and helps you to keep shedding under control!
  2. Interactive Play – Cats need to be stimulated! Interactive play with strings, toys, and lasers allow them to flex their physical & mental muscles.
  3. Warming Cat Beds – If you really want to spoil kitty, you can provide her with a self-warming bed. These beds are the equivalent to our own heating blankets, and provide a safe way to keep kitty warm!
  4. Cat Fountain – Cats are naturally dehydrated, and needs lots of water to stay healthy! Some cats don’t like their water to be left sitting all day. A water fountain will allow them to experience moving water and encourage them to drink more water.
  5. Bath Wipes – It is well known amongst cat owners and enthusiasts that cats do not like baths. They now make bathing wipes that contain natural calming oils to calm and soothe your kitty, all while reducing allergens for you and your guests!
  6. Healthy Mouths – While your cat might not appreciate this one as much as some of the others listed here, keeping your cat’s teeth healthy will help ensure the overall health of your cat! Teeth cleaning treats, a cat safe toothbrush / toothpaste set, or even cat tooth gels can be used to help keep your cat’s teeth clean!
  7. Grass – Cat’s love eating grass and plants, but most indoor plants can be toxic to cats. You can now buy ‘cat grass’ which is safe for cats to chew on, and will not make your kitty’s stomach upset!
  8. Surprises – When you are not going to be home for a few hours, you can hide a few treats around the house for the cat to find while you are away!

Great Job, Audrey!

Drawings by children always amaze me, mostly because I can't even draw stick people.

The above picture was drawn by my 7-year-old granddaughter, Audrey. I'm truly amazed. If I draw something, people start looking like dogs with their heads cocked to the side as they try to imagine – yes imagine – what the heck I just drew. And their guesses are usually so far off, that sometimes I find myself saying, yes, it does look kind of like that.

In this drawing, however, nobody has to guess. The image leaves nothing to the imagination. Great job, Audrey!

What's even more amazing, is that she was not looking at a photo of a pirate ship as she drew it. The whole thing developed from her memory of what a pirate ship looks like.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

She Gets Upset Only When...

Avery is one of the happiest babies I've ever met. If you anticipate her needs, whether it be that she needs sleep, food, or a diaper change, she is one happy baby.

She also MOVES – quickly – and sneaks into her diaper bag to grab items she probably knows she's not supposed to play with (she's very smart). She does not, however, relinquish them easily, so Grandma has to have something else in hand to immediately replace the item with something safe.

Look how happy she was prior to Grandma taking away the PLASTIC BAG she pulled out of the diaper bag. 

And, sorry Avery, you will have to understand that you are waaaaay too young for lip gloss.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Why I Love Watching My Grandchildren

The other night Kaden (7), Zac (4), and I were watching America's Funniest Videos. The groom was under the bridal dress attempting to pull out the garter, but his braces got stuck on his bride's garter.

"WHAT are they doing?" Kaden wanted to know. I explained the ritual of taking off the garter from the bride during a wedding reception.

Kaden's mouth dropped open and his head extended forward several inches. "Will I have to have THAT to Alex?" Alex is the little girl he wants to marry when he grows up.

Later that night we all sat in bed together (their dad was sick with the flu) and they told me that Daddy always told them a story at bedtime, so I started talking about walking through a forest and coming to a lake…but I was not telling the story the way their dad told it. It was supposed to be scary. 

Oh, OK. So I put on my scary voice and continued with, "Well, these kids come upon a house, a very scary house, and they are afraid to walk up to the door, so they run away, and they get to the lake but they see something in the lake, and it's coming closer and closer and closer, getting bigger and bigger and bigger…" 

Zac interrupted the story at this point: "Wow! This is really weird. I'm having a nightmare and I'm not even sleeping yet."

And that's when I started laughing so hard I couldn't tell the rest of the story. When I finally composed myself, I added, "And then they looked back at the lake and noticed it was their daddy who came to save them."

And THAT is one of the reasons why I love my grandchildren so much! They make me laugh! 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Well, It Started Out as a Good Idea

Everyone knows kids love to play. Here's an example of three of my grandchildren (Audrey, Nolan, and Jeremy) trying to find the fastest car among hundreds:

Grandchildren Audrey, Nolan, and Jeremy trying to find the fastest car.

Sometimes my grandchildren play hide and seek, but instead of hiding people they hide objects. This week and next I'm in Virginia with my son and his two boys, Kaden and Zac. Today we decided to play hide and seek with an object. I chose this cute little frog that belongs to the baby who lives here:

I figured that it was bright enough to be found, small enough to make it a challenge, and easy enough to feel if somebody decided to hide it under a blanket. Also, unlike Easter eggs, it wouldn't matter if we forgot where we placed it.

My grandkids, Kaden on the left, Zac on the right and
future grandchild Myraiah in the middle

The game was going quite well in the beginning. But what I didn't know was that this object was going to be a bigger challenge than I anticipated, because as we were searching for the frog above, we found an entire family of them.

Maybe colored eggs weren't such a bad idea after all. We would just have to remember how many eggs we hid.

Have a beautiful week and thank you for visiting!