Monday, September 24, 2012

My New Home?

She's not even my granddaughter yet and she is already amusing me. When my daughter, Lindsey, marries John, she will become stepmom to Myraiah. This past weekend I had her spend the night with her soon-to-be-cousins, Audrey, Kaden, Nolan, and Zac.

Myraiah stood in my dining room and announced, "I can't wait until you move into your new house."

I was perplexed. I wasn't even selling my home, but I asked, "What new home?"

"You know, the one with the upstairs, the downstairs, and a basement?" 

Now that I think about it, I think she was probably referring to my youngest daughter's dream home, which she might have heard us all discussing at one time, but when Myraiah mentioned MY new home, I had not thought about Brittney's next home.

"I'm not moving into a new house, Myraiah."

Myraiah looked around at my two towering book shelves, all the suitcases (from overnight grandchildren visitors), all the toys scattered throughout the dining room, living room, and family room (a mess she helped create), and decided, "Yeah, you have a lot of stuff. You should probably just stay here."

Good idea, Myraiah. If my home were any smaller, I wouldn't have had the pleasure (exhausting as it was) to have so many grandchildren spend the night with me this past weekend). 

Along without the photo of Myraiah trying to keep noodles on her fork, is a photo of five of my grandchildren sleeping (see if you can find all five of them – from left to right, Zac, Myraiah, Nolan, Audrey, and Kaden).

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How Long Have I Known You?

Nolan sat next to me at the table, his head cocked to one side as he looked at me. "How long have you known me?" he wanted to know. 

Before I could answer, he added, "I think I was three or four when I met you."

How could I hold back a laugh? I grabbed his little face and pulled it close, kissing his cheek. And then I hugged him. 

"I've known you your whole life, Nolan."

 The first time I saw Nolan, his dad was walking out of the delivery room carrying him toward me and Nolan's paternal grandmother and grandfather. I've been in love with this little guy since before he was born, and though he is only 5-years-old, I feel as if I have known him forever.

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Toddler Times

Amanda with her two boys, Billy and Colin

Mommy Breaks 18-Month-Old's Heart

Babies who haven't yet figured out that when Mommy or Daddy walks out of a room, parents won't disappear forever, have difficulty with abandonment issues. 

Here is what happened earlier this week when my great-grandson, Colin, who had previously been sitting on the couch with his mother (my granddaughter, Amanda), left the couch and walked away.

Mommy made the mistake of saying, "Bye!" and Colin had a meltdown, thinking his mommy was leaving him. Amanda said he acted as if she had broken his heart. 

Brings back so many memories of my own kids and other grandkids who react the same way until they understand that leaving for a few moments doesn't mean leaving forever.

And now a story about Colin's older brother, Billy:

3-Year Old Wants to Complain to Burger King Employee

When Amanda decided to take a ride to Burger King's drive-through to get some cinnamon rolls, 3-year-old Billy, who loves cinnamon rolls (so does his great-grandma) was excited. Knowing Billy, he was probably jumping up and down in his car seat in anticipation of the tasty treats. 

So you can imagine his disappointment at hearing that Burger King didn't have any cinnamon rolls made at that moment.

Here is the conversation between Amanda and Billy:

Amanda (to Billy): They don't have any cinnamon rolls.

Billy: Roll down the window.

Amanda: Why?

Billy (very upset): Because I want to talk to that lady about my cinnamon rolls!

Amanda didn't roll down his window. You just never know what Billy might say :)

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Do Unto Others As You Did Unto Their Sisters

On August 7th of this year, I practically gave an award to one of my granddaughters for her artistic achievement. Audrey drew a picture of a pirate ship and I wrote about it in a blog entitled, Great Job, Audrey! (If you click the link you can see it).

Nolan found out about the blog and erroneously assumed that I loved her more than I did him. Isn't that whole, "she (or he) loves you more" comment supposed to be saved for Mom or Dad? 

Anyway, Nolan is 5 years old (Audrey is 7 and will turn 8 just before Halloween). And yes, Nolan, I am as proud of your artwork as I am of Audrey's. 

Can anybody guess what Nolan drew in this picture? I guessed it right away. SpongeBob, of course!

Congratulations, Nolan, you did an awesome job!

And now a note to all of my other grandchildren and great grandchildren – your parents get upset with me for blogging about them. I do anyway (ha ha ha ha ha), but I disguise their names to protect the innocent (me). So I would LOVE for you to tell me what you've done or said, so I can blog about you too.

By the way, Nolan, I did blog about you in my Your Weird Dreams blog. If you missed Vivid Dreams Disappear Over Time, click the link. I loooooove you!

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