Sunday, July 28, 2013

Monkey Business & My Funny Grandchildren

A different funny grandchild.

My grandchildren are funny. They get it from their parents, because my kids were funny too. Probably the reason I had kids was because I wanted a steady stream of laughter. But maybe it's just MY sense of humor, so I'll see how you respond. Here is a peek into just a little of what I'm talking about. 

Zac, 5, got a nosebleed the other night, his second since we've been in North Carolina. (It might help if he didn't put his fingers in his nose.) Anyway, he came up with a very good reason as to why he keeps getting nosebleeds – he broke his nose when he was 3 and they gave him a new nose.

And then while he was watching Monkey Business while we were in the car on the way to the beach yesterday, he loudly proclaimed his disappointment with the movie because after watching Monkey Business for nearly an hour, he still hadn't seen any monkeys.

I'm having so much fun!

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rescued Dog Needs Continued Care

Camie's Painful Face

Camie – look at her skin :(

Camie is in serious trouble. You can tell by the photos how serious her condition is. She has what is called Demodectic Mange. Gloria and her husband, Skip, rescued Camie, also known as Precious Camo, and have been paying for her medical care by themselves.

Camie needs ongoing treatment. She has open wounds all over her body and face and she is in a lot of pain. With your help, Camie can get all of the treatments she needs. Gloria updates Camie's condition on her Facebook page – click HERE to "LIKE" and to read more about Camie.  

You can also visit Camie's DONATION PAGE if you can afford to donate (please click the link). Gloria and Skip are providing loving care for Camie. Their medical expenses are steep. Your donations will help her not only survive but thrive. Thank you in advance for your donation.  

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Where Have I Been?

Nearly every day since I've been in NC I've been in this pool with these two grandsons.

WOW! It just occurred to me that I did not write one single post for My Heart Blogs to You during the entire month of June, 2013.


Because I have been devoting whatever writing time I have to a different site where I am actually making money every day!

Wait! Wait! Wait! I can already see you wondering, Where? Where? Where? But before you get your hopes up, let me tell you that when I say I'm making money every day, the money I am making is not a lot. But it could be. I just don't post enough material there. If you had time to write and post there, you could probably make a lot more.

To give you an idea of the kind of money I make for the amount of time I can devote to writing, about the most I ever made on Associated Content, which then became Yahoo! Voices, was a whopping $8 a month. As I said, I don't write very often, so when I discovered I could make $20 a month and eventually more – consistently – writing for a different site posting the same amount of material, I jumped on board. Since I joined on February 24, I've made over $100.

Oh, I can see you laughing already – $20 a month? Are you kidding me? Well, I look at it this way: $20 a month is more than I made before. 

The nice thing about this site is that I don't have to write long blogs, though as you can see by even this one, I do tend to write a lot. I just have to post 400 characters! Not 400 words – 400 characters! Do you have any idea how many characters = 400? Let me check from HERE.

From the word HERE above, including the period but not counting the title, this post had 294 words and 1,479 characters. The first four paragraphs, from "WOW!" to "a lot more," had 118 words and 598 characters. Can you write that much? Can you think of that much to say and share? If you can, you can write for the same writing site. Just click the link and join. 

BubbleWS is more of a social site than it is a writing site, and you'll meet people from all over the world and get different viewpoints. Read what others have written. Like what others have written. Comment on what others have written. They may reciprocate. And the benefit? For every view you get, for every comment you receive, for every post you make, for every like – and every dislike – you receive, you MAKE MONEY.

I've seen people post comments on Facebook that could have been posted on BubbleWS where those comments could have made them money!

Now you know why I've neglected this site for so long. I've been devoting my time to BubbleWS. Join me there, won't you? Just click the Submit button and start bubbling!

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