Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rescued Dog Needs Continued Care

Camie's Painful Face

Camie – look at her skin :(

Camie is in serious trouble. You can tell by the photos how serious her condition is. She has what is called Demodectic Mange. Gloria and her husband, Skip, rescued Camie, also known as Precious Camo, and have been paying for her medical care by themselves.

Camie needs ongoing treatment. She has open wounds all over her body and face and she is in a lot of pain. With your help, Camie can get all of the treatments she needs. Gloria updates Camie's condition on her Facebook page – click HERE to "LIKE" and to read more about Camie.  

You can also visit Camie's DONATION PAGE if you can afford to donate (please click the link). Gloria and Skip are providing loving care for Camie. Their medical expenses are steep. Your donations will help her not only survive but thrive. Thank you in advance for your donation.  

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