Wednesday, February 29, 2012

There They're There

My four-year-old grandson, Nolan, had asked me if I was going to see Taylor, Kaden, and Zac, three of my other children, on the Saturday that one of them (Kaden) was celebrating his birthday. 

Every week I care for Taylor, Kaden, and Zac, so I told him that, yes, every time I'm there, they're there.

He said, "What does THAT mean?"

And I said, "What does what mean?"

He said, "There, they're, there. What does that mean?"

Don't you just love the English language?

Video is of Taylor, Kaden, Zac, Audrey, and Nolan singing a Christmas carol. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Coffee Thief

My grandson, Nolan, with his mommy (my daughter), Brittney

One of my grandsons, Nolan, has loved coffee ever since he first tried it (by sneaking it) at the age of 2. He's four and a half now. 

We have often found him sneaking off with somebody's coffee and hiding out in a corner or under the table drinking coffee. He doesn't care what kind of coffee we drink, either, whether it's his mom's heavily cream-flavored coffees, or his dad's black coffee. He just loves coffee.

Yesterday, when my daughter, Brittney, treated me to a frap from Starbucks, Nolan tried to sneak mine. I quickly grabbed it away, because I know that within seconds he will have downed the entire cup. He put on his pouty face, and Brittney told him he could have "a sip" of hers.

However, for Nolan a sip = 6 huge gulps and I said to Brittney, "I don't think Nolan understands the concept of "a sip."

This morning Nolan told his mom, "I just had a lot of your coffee, because I don't know what a sip is, right?" 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Automobiles and the Lemon Law

As my children will attest, I've never been very lucky when it came to automobiles, although I must admit I have learned from my mistakes. Probably the worst, and potentially fatal, car I owned actually belonged to my oldest daughter (and believe me when I tell you how fortunate it was that the "car" was not in her possession when it exploded). 

My three youngest kids and I were living just south of Chicago at the time. The engine literally blew up, and the car caught on fire. Fortunately when I first smelled something suspicious, I scrambled to get everybody out of the car, and I am eternally grateful that my oldest daughter who was 16 at the time, was not in the car. Having little driving experience, the smell might not have alerted her to danger. The fact that neither she nor I were driving down the expressway when it happened is another reason to be forever grateful.

Throughout the years, whether I was living in New York, Illinois, or California, I have had the worst luck with cars. One of them looked like a cloud of smoke (embarrassing), because it took 2 cans of oil a day, one of them required me to climb into the passenger seat because I had to belt the door to the steering column, and the doors on another auto would randomly open, for reasons unknown, WHILE WE WERE DRIVING!

Yes, I dealt with unscrupulous car dealers, and though I am more careful now, I should have taken advantage of the services provided by California Lemon Law attorneys. Lemon Law attorneys in California could have protected my interests and held those car dealerships accountable. 

I could have used them in Illinois as well. I have a feeling that one of the dealerships I dealt with while living in Illinois was served countless summons, because the whole dealership has disappeared. Even today, when I drove past the enormous lot on my way to Midway Airport, the lot sat vacant. I can't help but wonder how many lives that dealership endangered, because the lemon they sold me lost an engine, a transmission, AND a starter shortly after I bought it. 

Today I demand a SAFE car with an excellent transmission, engine, and starter. I also require good tires. But if ever I purchase another car that turns out to be a lemon, I guarantee you, I WILL take advantage of that Lemon Law! 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Another "Aww" Moment

Kaden & Zac Taking a Bubble Bath

Last night, when I asked Zac (4), one of my grandsons, to give me a hug goodnight, he raced up to me and jammed his head into my chin. My immediate response was "OW!"

His immediate response was to grab my face and ask, "Are you OK? Are you bleeding?"

My heart melted when I looked at him. Though he HAD to have been hurt, his first thought was for me. I held his little face in my hands and he started to cry. "Am I bleeding?" He asked. I told him no and hugged him.

"Will I get a bruise?" 

"Probably, Zac. Thank you for being so thoughtful." And he continued to cry while I held him some more.

Earlier in the day, Kaden (almost 7), Zac's older brother, brought home his backpack and I looked through his home work. When I read his paper about what he would do if he had $100, I almost cried.

People wonder why I watch my grandchildren so much. They think my kids are taking advantage of me by asking me to watch them so often. I'm grateful that I get to spend so much time with them. Can you see why?

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