Sunday, September 16, 2012

Toddler Times

Amanda with her two boys, Billy and Colin

Mommy Breaks 18-Month-Old's Heart

Babies who haven't yet figured out that when Mommy or Daddy walks out of a room, parents won't disappear forever, have difficulty with abandonment issues. 

Here is what happened earlier this week when my great-grandson, Colin, who had previously been sitting on the couch with his mother (my granddaughter, Amanda), left the couch and walked away.

Mommy made the mistake of saying, "Bye!" and Colin had a meltdown, thinking his mommy was leaving him. Amanda said he acted as if she had broken his heart. 

Brings back so many memories of my own kids and other grandkids who react the same way until they understand that leaving for a few moments doesn't mean leaving forever.

And now a story about Colin's older brother, Billy:

3-Year Old Wants to Complain to Burger King Employee

When Amanda decided to take a ride to Burger King's drive-through to get some cinnamon rolls, 3-year-old Billy, who loves cinnamon rolls (so does his great-grandma) was excited. Knowing Billy, he was probably jumping up and down in his car seat in anticipation of the tasty treats. 

So you can imagine his disappointment at hearing that Burger King didn't have any cinnamon rolls made at that moment.

Here is the conversation between Amanda and Billy:

Amanda (to Billy): They don't have any cinnamon rolls.

Billy: Roll down the window.

Amanda: Why?

Billy (very upset): Because I want to talk to that lady about my cinnamon rolls!

Amanda didn't roll down his window. You just never know what Billy might say :)

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