Saturday, September 15, 2012

Do Unto Others As You Did Unto Their Sisters

On August 7th of this year, I practically gave an award to one of my granddaughters for her artistic achievement. Audrey drew a picture of a pirate ship and I wrote about it in a blog entitled, Great Job, Audrey! (If you click the link you can see it).

Nolan found out about the blog and erroneously assumed that I loved her more than I did him. Isn't that whole, "she (or he) loves you more" comment supposed to be saved for Mom or Dad? 

Anyway, Nolan is 5 years old (Audrey is 7 and will turn 8 just before Halloween). And yes, Nolan, I am as proud of your artwork as I am of Audrey's. 

Can anybody guess what Nolan drew in this picture? I guessed it right away. SpongeBob, of course!

Congratulations, Nolan, you did an awesome job!

And now a note to all of my other grandchildren and great grandchildren – your parents get upset with me for blogging about them. I do anyway (ha ha ha ha ha), but I disguise their names to protect the innocent (me). So I would LOVE for you to tell me what you've done or said, so I can blog about you too.

By the way, Nolan, I did blog about you in my Your Weird Dreams blog. If you missed Vivid Dreams Disappear Over Time, click the link. I loooooove you!

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