Monday, October 15, 2012

Remember That Play Spider? Don't Touch It!

Every Monday morning I drive to my youngest daughter's home to care for three of my grandchildren.

This morning, before I left my home, Brittney called to tell me that she may have to go to the doctor because her whole hand was hurt and swollen due to what she believed might be a spider bite.

Then, when I arrived at her home, she warned me, "You know that play spider the kids keep playing with?"


"Don't touch it. It could be the real thing. We've found a couple of wolf spiders, and they look just like that one."

Great! So, here I am, on hyper-alert status, watching the floor and walls and leaping on Avery to make sure she doesn't put one in her mouth. I haven't seen one yet, and yes, I know they are not poisonous, but I've found a safe place for the kids.

Nolan, Avery, and Audrey in the tub
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  1. Yeah I guess they'll be safe in there, spiders won't survive the wave, and even if they do, the kids could escape with the little boats :)

    I played with the tiny spiders when I was kid and I'm glad that nothing happened to me. I used to keep them in match boxes. Have to tell my kids to be careful next time they come across these little creatures.

    1. Thank you for your comment and your email. I've never been fond of spiders. But the harrier and bigger they are, the more I don't like them!

  2. I absolutely love your blog and have something special planned for you details are available here :) u rock!

  3. Ahhh this is so creepy! I hate spiders--and those big wolf spiders are HUGE! I would have been so paranoid while I was at the house but it looks like you came up with a good solution!