Sunday, August 19, 2012

I Wanna Meet the Tooth Fairy

When Audrey lost another tooth (a couple of months ago), the Tooth Fairy waited until she fell asleep to grab the tooth and replace it with money, a familiar process for every mother and father – oops! I mean tooth fairy.

The tooth fairy in my home would reach under the pillow while little children slept and feel for that tiny little tooth. Often the tooth got lost in that wide space under the pillow. Sometimes the tooth fairy forgot. Sometimes the tooth fairy couldn't find the little tooth.

Creative parents would wrap the tooth in a plastic bag or a satin tooth holder, but not me – I just told the kids to put their tooth under their pillows. Chances were, I'd probably forget about it anyway.

Teeth weren't worth much back when I was a kid. Now baby teeth are valuable. I should have saved my kids' teeth – but how could I have known about stem cells back then? 

OK, sorry. I was sidetracked thinking of all the teeth that found their way under pillows in my home. But back to the Audrey tooth story:

The Tooth Fairy reached under the pillow and tried to locate the tooth without disturbing Audrey's dreams. However, Audrey had a death grip on the tooth and the tooth fairy couldn't pry Audrey's hands open without awakening her. Apparently Audrey wanted to meet the Tooth Fairy and knew that if she gripped her tooth in her hand, she would awaken when the Tooth Fairy took her tooth.

Sadly, for God knows how many times, the Tooth Fairy failed to complete her mission. Mom had to tell Audrey that the Tooth Fairy probably couldn't find the tooth hidden in her hand. Next time she should let go.

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