Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Spoiling your feline friend with cat treats

There are so many ways to spoil your cat with cat treats (food and non-food treats!) We have compiled a list of 10 ways to treat & spoil your cat!
  1. Brushing – Cats enjoy being brushed. It provides them a way to bond with you, feels great for them, and helps you to keep shedding under control!
  2. Interactive Play – Cats need to be stimulated! Interactive play with strings, toys, and lasers allow them to flex their physical & mental muscles.
  3. Warming Cat Beds – If you really want to spoil kitty, you can provide her with a self-warming bed. These beds are the equivalent to our own heating blankets, and provide a safe way to keep kitty warm!
  4. Cat Fountain – Cats are naturally dehydrated, and needs lots of water to stay healthy! Some cats don’t like their water to be left sitting all day. A water fountain will allow them to experience moving water and encourage them to drink more water.
  5. Bath Wipes – It is well known amongst cat owners and enthusiasts that cats do not like baths. They now make bathing wipes that contain natural calming oils to calm and soothe your kitty, all while reducing allergens for you and your guests!
  6. Healthy Mouths – While your cat might not appreciate this one as much as some of the others listed here, keeping your cat’s teeth healthy will help ensure the overall health of your cat! Teeth cleaning treats, a cat safe toothbrush / toothpaste set, or even cat tooth gels can be used to help keep your cat’s teeth clean!
  7. Grass – Cat’s love eating grass and plants, but most indoor plants can be toxic to cats. You can now buy ‘cat grass’ which is safe for cats to chew on, and will not make your kitty’s stomach upset!
  8. Surprises – When you are not going to be home for a few hours, you can hide a few treats around the house for the cat to find while you are away!

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