Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sleeping With My Sisters

A funny thing happens when I get together with my sisters. Let me rephrase that – a LOT of funny things happen when I get together with my sisters. We had another one of our Super Sister Sleepovers recently and managed to laugh ourselves into a coma again and, I'm not ashamed to admit, we were in bed by 10.

Prior to bed time, however, we opened a bottle of ButterShots! If you've ever tasted butterscotch, I want you to imagine it as liquid candy cascading over ice.  

Of course we were laughing before we drank, and, knowing we had even more ButterShots, PLUS a whole bottle of Moscato (which we never touched) sitting in our hotel room, we drank only water and other safe drinks at dinner where, once again, we laughed throughout – mostly at my baby sister, Kathy. Kathy's nursing escapades are riotous, especially when she doesn't get enough sleep. I recount one of those experiences in my blog, Perils of a Night Shift Nurse. If you've ever been so tired you could barely stand up, you owe it to yourself to read that blog.

Lest you think I am ignoring my middle sister, Cindy, let me assure you that she appears in my blogs occasionally too. For instance, she shares my pain in The Day My Mom Made Cindy and Me Into Chia Pets. True story. I still cringe when I see Chia Pets.

I have previously written about our sleepovers in my embarrassing article about our 1st Super Sister Sleepover adventure (linked). The reason I am embarrassed by it is not because of anything that happened during the sleepover, but because I didn't notice when I published it that I wrote, "new," instead of "knew," in the second paragraph. Shame on me! I should "no" better! (Sorry. Sometimes I can't help myself – obviously.)

But back to our most current sleepover. We discovered something about each other during this sleepover – we all snore! Because I toss and turn all night, my sisters had graciously given me my own bed. Apparently shortly after I fell asleep, which to me seemed to take forever, I was snoring. But I recall before falling asleep that somebody else was snoring.

Anyway, at one point during the night – I didn't learn about these events until morning – Cindy thought Kathy was snoring and used a technique that Cindy used on her husband, Craig, to stop his snoring. She slammed her fists into the mattress repeatedly in an effort to get Kathy to stop snoring. Her method wasn't  working, however, because Kathy continued to snore, while Cindy got more and more agitated with each powerful slam!

Occasionally Cindy and Kathy would awaken and I would hear them giggle or argue (I couldn't tell the difference), but I couldn't hear exactly what they were saying, so I tried to fall back to sleep.

The following morning, when Kathy went to the washroom, Cindy told me that the giggling was about all the snoring that was going on. 

When Cindy went to the bathroom, Kathy wanted me to know about Cindy's sleeping problem – she twitched – a lot – and violently. As a matter of fact, the twitching was so bad, Kathy described the twitching as convulsive spasms. Having just heard from Cindy about her remedy for getting Kathy to stop snoring, I roared with laughter thinking about the violence Cindy used to punch the mattress and how concerned Nurse Kathy was about her sister's spasmodic twitchy medical problem.

The following morning, Mom met us for breakfast, where we all shared a meal and even more laughter. Next year we want to expand our Super Sister Sleepover to include our mom who never had a sister and my daughters, and maybe even the older female granddaughters. I'm buying all of us muzzles – or maybe mufflers.

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  1. Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun despite the snoring! I love buttershots---I put them in all kinds of hot and cold beverages! As for the snoring & twitching I have that issue with my husband. He takes meds for the night twitches but sometimes even that doesn't work. I send him to the couch at that point. Cute blog post--makes me miss my sisters.

    1. Then it's time for you to have your own Super Sister Sleepover! I'm already looking forward to my next one :)