Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Presents in My Pockets

Every once in a while, when I pull out an old coat, sweater, or jacket, I find money in my pockets and get very excited about my find. 

An old friend of mine (gone for a couple of years now) used to tell me that in order to bring money into my life I had to act as if I already had it. 

I've always believed in affirmations, creative visualization, and positive thinking, but I needed a little help with thinking positively about money – I raised four children living at, and oftentimes below, the poverty level. So imagining I had money was a stretch.

Until I discovered that by placing money in various locations around my home, I would hear these kinds of comments from family and friends – "You have money everywhere!" And that's exactly the kind of positive reinforcement I needed. 

Now I plant money in my pockets, and though it doesn't grow, even when watered, at least I know that I have money EVERYWHERE!

Of course, now I have to change my thinking to include two more words: LOTS OF!


  1. So...when can I come visit you again Theresa?

  2. Sunday - come for lunch. Bring the kids. Really. I'm making spicy chicken enchiladas for the adults (Michelle is in town), and mac & cheese or ravioli for the kids who don't want the enchiladas.