Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What If I Take A Road Trip and Need A Repair Shop?

After my son and his family moved from San Diego to Virginia and got caught up in record breaking snowfall this year, I started thinking about how they're probably wishing they were back in San Diego, not far from where my granddaughter and her family live.

To help me appreciate all the snow we've had both in Virginia and in the Midwest, my lovely granddaughter, Sarah, sent me a photo of herself and Ayla (my great granddaughter) ON THE BEACH in San Diego – makes me want to take a road trip back there.

However, I'm concerned about my old 2002 Saturn with over 103,000 miles making the trip. What if my "check engine light" comes on while I'm there? How will I get back home? What if I get stuck in San Diego (oh, yeah, that would be awful)?

So, as a plan-ahead kind of girl, I decided to check for places – fair places – with great ratings just in case I needed to find an auto repair shop. And that's when I came across the San Diego Auto Repair. Their website is set up to locate the right shop for any car (all I had to do was enter Saturn in the box that said, Find the right shop for your car, and I was given a list of 14 different auto shop options in the directory).

What I really like about this web site is that it lets me know what my repair costs will be. All I had to do was enter the make and model of my car, choose a problem I wanted fixed, and they provided an estimate for what the cost would be. What could be easier than that? Why doesn't every place offer that option?

Though I've never bookmarked my own pages before, I'm bookmarking this blog on my laptop, which I will be bringing with me, so I'll have easy access to the page should I decide to take a surprise trip to visit my granddaughter in San Diego. Maybe I'll take her mother (my oldest baby) with me and we can make a vacation of it after my radiation treatments are over.

Maybe we'll take her new vehicle (she's supposed to be getting one soon). I forgot what she plans on getting, but who knows, maybe it will be another van or a Ford F-150.

WOW! I just noticed a Rate this Car section when I looked up Ford F-150. Owner reviews appear under the photo. I'll have to tell Keeley about this before she purchases her new van or truck.

California here I come...

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