Thursday, April 1, 2010

Next Stop, Dallas?

 Travel talk time again. I recently spent ten days in Virginia with my son and his children while his wife was in Illinois. She, along with one of her sisters and one of her friends, opened a great frozen yogurt shop in Illinois. Michelle wants to one day franchise the shop and it will probably go very smoothies for her (play on words – FroYo Creations is a frozen yogurt and smoothie shop).

Because her husband (my son), Greg, is still a Marine, they've had an opportunity to live in various parts of the country (my son was also stationed in Japan, Iraq, Kuwait, and other overseas countries). They now live near Quantico, Virginia. She may open a shop there some day. Maybe not. I'm not sure how well they like the area.

At one time she and my son talked about moving to Dallas, so she may one day open a FroYo there as well. I've never been to Dallas, but I hear it's a beautiful city. I've been to Austin and Houston – was more impressed with Austin – and have heard that Dallas was just as beautiful a city as Austin, only larger.

Just recently I came across a woman I used to work with at Billings Hospital in Chicago, who lives in Dallas with her husband. I found her on facebook and I'm waiting for her to invite me to visit her.

OK, I'm kidding. I haven't seen her in about 30 years, but just in case I ever go there (my sister once wanted to move into that area as well), I once again will have to look into auto repair shops for my ancient automobile BEFORE I make the trip.

My trusty 2002 Saturn now has over 145,000 miles on it and while it's still running strong, I want to be prepared, so Dallas auto repair is going to have to be on my list of places to visit in case I run into trouble. Who knows when I'll need a brake job? Every once in a while the "check engine" light comes on in my car and I wonder why it's so sporadic – you would think if it was an ongoing problem, the light would stay on.

Anyway, by the time I can actually travel anywhere, WHERE I go will probably be in my car, which by that time should also be my home. I don't think my Saturn is going to be comfortable enough to sleep in. After all, it will almost be like sleeping on another planet (Saturn, get it? – oh, come on…give me a brake – sorry, I'm on a roll – we are talking about cars and a car sometimes needs a brake job – OK, I'll stop).

Anyway, I can't afford some of the more conventional RV's, so I'm thinking of maybe getting a truck. The Chevrolet Silverado has plenty of room in the back seat for sleeping and lots of storage in the rear to hold my tent. What? You don't think I would enjoy a little variety now and then? I can't ALWAYS sleep inside the truck.

Before you start feeling sorry for me, I want you to know something – it hasn't gotten that bad yet, and before I live in a tent, I'd probably live in a camper anyway.

If you'd like to donate a Chevrolet Silverado to a worthy cause, please leave your contact information in the comments below.

Leaving you with smiles and a wink ;)

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