Thursday, December 16, 2010

Zac's Mouth

While I was sitting on the floor playing with my grandson, Zac, who is 3, Zac ran behind me to jump on my neck. But while he was hanging there, he wanted to know about something he found on my neck.

"Why you got a bubble?"

"It's a mole," I told him.

"I pop it for you," he told me.

And when I looked behind me and saw his open mouth descend on my neck like a vampire (he really does have vampire teeth), I  screamed, "Noooooo!"

My outburst stopped him. "Why?" 

"Because you'll hurt me," I explained.

He thought about it for a few seconds, then decided that if I was hurt, I must need a band-aid.

"I get it for you."

I had been asking other family members where the band-aids were, and nobody else knew, but Zac walked directly to where they were kept (I still don't know where they are), brought one out, opened it up, and tried to place it on my neck.

It got stuck to his fingers, though, so every attempt to place it meant pulling it from one hand and getting it stuck to the other. By the time he was finished I had a wad of band-aid clumped on my neck, making my mole look more like a distorted pile of rubble than a band-aid covered bubble.

On another day Zac told me, as he has been telling me every day, that he needed to see a doctor. So when I mentioned this fact to his parents last night as we were on our way to Buffalo Wild Wings to celebrate Zac's mother's homecoming after she had been gone for a couple of weeks (attending to business), Zac said, "Yeah, I need to see a doctor."

And I said, "He keeps saying that. Why does he keep saying that?"

And Zac said, "Know why I say that?"

And I said, "No, why do you keep saying that?"

And Zac said, "Because I have a mouth."

Only one thing wears this little dynamo out – eating. The photo above is of Zac falling asleep at the table after eating. To see a video of Zac falling asleep while eating, click HEREBy the way, Zac really does have a doctor appointment scheduled – for January 2011.

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