Monday, January 16, 2012

So That's How Girls Have Babies?

Old photo of Kaden and his cousin, Audrey.
My grandson was sitting next to me Friday night while I was watching "A Gifted Man." He was playing games on my iPad, and I thought he was totally engrossed in the game, but during a scene when a woman was giving birth, I heard him say, "So that's how girls have babies? It comes out their butts?"

 Well, imagine my surprise. What a quandary. Do I tell him the truth? Do I make a big deal out of it and call his parents and ask them what they want me to tell him?

What do I say?

 So I told him the truth – No, Kaden, babies do not come out of a woman's butt.

 But he wouldn't leave it alone. I could feel my heart stop when he asked, "Then where do they come out?"

 Oh, come on, Kaden, I went through this four times already with my kids. Do I have to go through this with all my grandchildren too?

After thinking for about a solid minute I told him, that yes, they do come out from that area, but sometimes the mom has to have her belly cut to take the baby out.

 "They cut the mom?"

 Will this torture ever end?


 As I held my breath waiting for the next question, I dared to look over my shoulder at him. He was happily playing on the iPad, already on to new thoughts.


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