Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Family Photographer – Grandma Paparazzi

One of my favorite and most treasured purchases is a camera I bought in the 1980s. I followed my children around capturing their cute expressions and more or less stalked my kids. 

And then I had grandchildren – lots of them – and the camera took on special significance. I discovered that when they are young, grandchildren don't yell at you with comments like, "GRANDMA PUT THAT THING DOWN!" or, "GRANDMA, STOP ALREADY!" like their parents do.

No, they quietly go about their business as I hide behind couches and stand at entrances to rooms where they play, oblivious to my paparazzi-style photo taking.

I was doing quite well until little Avery was born. Perhaps it was purely coincidental, but I wonder…

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  1. I had a camera from the 1980's that I used all the time, too, until my kids bullied me into getting a digital camera. Now I'm taking way too many pictures because i don't need film! The kids don't mind but the husband gets annoyed---always telling me to "put that thing away!"