Friday, May 3, 2013

Still Don't Have That Perfect Mother's Day Gift for Mom or Grandma?

Consider this blog your one-stop-shop for Mother's Day gifts.

I've written two articles about Mother's Day gifts for different types of moms. And in this blog, I'm including ideas for Grandma. Just click the links to read the articles already written:

3) BEST Mother's Day Gifts for Grandma (the blog you are now reading)

What is the best gift for Grandma? Not flowers, not candy, and not jewelry – time and memories.

As a grandma, one of my favorite gifts for any occasion is photographs. I would dearly love for all of my kids to get together and present me with a photo album filled with their favorite photos of themselves and their children (and their children). Pictures on my wall are important too, so framed photos are treasures.

But the best gift of all is time spent with my children, my grandchildren, and my great grandchildren. You can't wrap that in a box and mail it, can you? Phone conversations are nice, and Skype is even better than phone calls, but the physical presence of my loved ones around me is the greatest gift of all.

Still feel that you have to actually BUY something? How about a photo mug or a laptop? Say whaaaat? If you insist on buying something, get the whole family together and buy Grandma a laptop. Don't forget to teach her how to use it – and Skype – if she doesn't already know how.

Grandma probably already has everything she needs, but you could treat her to a massage, a manicure, a pedicure, or even a total makeover if you think BUYING her something is necessary. Other than that, keep in touch with her. Share your time. Don't be concerned about what to talk about. Tell her what you're doing and what your kids are doing, and ask her what she is doing. She won't care what you talk about. She'll only care that you cared enough to call.

She wants your presence – not your presents.

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  1. The digital photo viewer is a great idea!!! I used to have one a long time ago and loved it but it finally just died out. You have given me a great idea to HINT about to my family!!!