Thursday, May 8, 2014

And the Winner is…Grandma!

looking for dirt, sand, or wood chips

One giant and beautiful park near my daughter's home offers kids 3 sets of playground equipment and it has ball fields for baseball and softball practice and games. Since I had to go out for diapers yesterday and Dollar General was only a couple of blocks from the park, I decided to take 2-year-old Avery to the park while her brother and sister were in school instead of just playing with her in her back yard. In the back yard, though she doesn't know how much fun she'll have in it yet, sits a giant pool awaiting a deck, a trampoline she enjoys jumping on, and a pile of dirt she calls a mountain, where she loves to play.
found a cubby hole under the play equipment
where she could play with the wood chips – in the shade

We generally play in the back yard or go for walks in the neighborhood, but yesterday we went to the giant park – where she played in the sand – and the dirt – and the wood chips. All kinds of play equipment, like slides and swing sets and ride-on toys were spread throughout the park, and Avery chose the sand, the dirt, and the wood chips.
OOH! Lots of wood chips!

When it was time to go home for lunch, however, though she happily trotted off to the car, she refused to get into her car seat. She can be very stubborn and I knew that if I demanded her to get into her car seat, she would throw a fit, so I calmly sat in the driver's seat while she jumped into the front seat with me. When she reached for the water bottle, I grabbed it first and told her, "Remember what I said – you can have it after you get into your seat." 
and a sand box

She started to cry, asked for a tissue, and then looked at me – wondering if I was serious, I think, about having to wait for the water. 2-year-olds test their limits and I could see that mind of hers trying to figure out what her next step would be. I wasn't giving in and she knew it. The breeze blowing through the window felt wonderful and I had the foresight to park under a tree so we were in the shade. Unfortunately, though our winter was long, we had only 2 weeks of Spring and now it's Summer already. So I rested my head back on the seat and I could tell Avery knew I would have stayed there all day if necessary.
playing the other day on her back yard "mountain"

I said not another word about her climbing into her car seat, but out of the corner of my eye, after several minutes, I watched her climb into the back seat. The rear view mirror told me she was in her seat, ready to be buckled in. I climbed out, grabbed the water bottle, put it on top of the car, buckled Avery into her seat, and then handed her the bottle of water.

Grandma wins again ;)

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  1. You are such a good grandmother and your granddaughter is beautiful. So sweet to read how you two spend time together!