Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Drunk Wasted Guy

Every Monday and every Wednesday I care for three of my grandchildren. Avery comes to my home before her brother and sister arrive, because she’s too young to go to school, and Audrey and Nolan take the bus to my house after school lets out. When snacks and homework are finished, they have the option, in the Winter months, of playing on the wii, the PlayStation III, or the iPad – the OLD iPad, the iPad that is so filled with games that I can no longer upgrade it, the iPad that is so old that if they want a new game on the iPad, they have to get rid of an old game.

Naturally, as their grandmother and owner of my trusty old iPad (which still works remarkably well, by the way), I monitor the games they play. So I was surprised when I heard, after I asked, “What are you playing now?” this response: “Drunk Wasted Guy.”

Audrey is 10 and Nolan is 7. What kind of game is Drunk Wasted Guy? Who would create such a game? What do you do – give him drinks and see how fast he get wasted? What is this world coming to?

Grandma (I sometimes have to take myself out of the picture and refer to myself in the third person) was flabbergasted! 

I finally registered my distaste out loud – “Drunk Wasted Guy? You’re playing a game called, 'Drunk Wasted Guy'?”

That’s when the kids burst out laughing. What they actually said was that they were playing, “A Hundred Ways to Die.” Yeah, that’s so much better. I’ll bet getting drunk and wasted are two of the ways. I'm sure the game was based on the TV Show, A Thousand Ways to Die. I don't know. I've never played it. And I watched the show only a couple of times because another grandchild wanted me to see it.

Maybe my hearing isn't as good as it used to be – maybe I’m older than I think I am. But maybe I shouldn’t look into getting a hearing aid, because without hearing what's happening around me, I can remain blissfully unaware of how strange our world has become.

Four of my grandchildren appear in the photo above. They were playing – without electronics – at our Thanksgiving celebration.


  1. :) Sometimes ... I hear things 'I know someone didn't' say!

  2. Goodness gracious. Yah. No. Ugh. LOL. Notice, I have no words for this... We limit Mags' time on the electronics too and this has sparked some spirited conversations. Recently I got an Instagram (something she's been wanting for FOREVER) and we won't let her have it. I need it for blogging. She needs it not at all. Remember when the worst we did was play truth or dare and stay out past "street lights on"...yikes...I'm not sheltering her, rather the opposite, but some things

    1. Yes, they are. I'm astounded by the types of games kids can play on these things. I prefer the more educational games.