Sunday, January 4, 2015

My Mom is HOT!

Recently I had the pleasure of spending the night with my mother. I use the term, “pleasure,” loosely. My mother lives in an oven cave. While those two words may seem completely unrelated, please allow me to complain explain. I like LIGHT – sunlight, to be exact. Part of my reason for enjoying sunlight is that my eyes can’t differentiate between various shades of DARK. When I walk into my mother’s condo from outside, my eyes have to adjust. I sometimes have to grab onto walls just to find a place to take off my shoes until I can see anything.

Once my eyes acclimate to her cave, I then have to take off my clothes. My mother likes the temperature to be at 73. She lives on the second floor, so it feels more like 80. I like my heat to be no higher than 68. You might think that 5º doesn’t make much of a difference, but believe me, it does.

My mother also likes to give me things – lots of things. Fortunately for me, one of those things this time was a purse. Mine was falling apart, and I use my belongings until the bitter end. They have to be completely broken for me to throw them away. What Mom gave me was exactly what I would have been looking for if I had been looking for a new purse. She said it was too big for her and that she didn’t realize when she bought it that it would be so big – but it was perfect for me.

Another item she offered me was a product called, Ruby Reds (see ad above), a fruit and vegetable food supplement that was filled with all kinds of vitamins, enzymes, herbs, nutrients, and probiotics. She didn’t use it, so I brought it home with me, because I’m all for eating healthy!

The next morning, I opened the jar. The measuring cup, however, was cemented to the powder which, in the heat (I suspect), melted the contents and made the entire jar impossible to use. Try pouring a brick into a glass. So, as I do with all of my belongings, I kept the product to its “bitter end,” and it now sits in the garbage.

Back home, my body temperature is back to normal, I have a new purse, and I’ve learned that any powder supplement my mother gives me in the future will require either a concrete dissolver or a jackhammer, and the next time I spend the night I'm bringing tank tops. 

I LOVE YOU, Mom! Not that she reads my blogs, but just in case. :)


  1. I definitely can relate to this. lol. I remember in the horrid hot days of summer my grandfather used to run nothing but a fan. He kept all his windows closed. The only respite was sitting outside on the patio. "Come inside where it's cooler," he would tell us. All he ran was a box fan. Stepping into his house you'd swore you just took a trip to the equator.

    1. How funny! That's a great description. I really did feel as if I was on the equator! Thank you for your comment.