Monday, April 6, 2015

When Other People Think You’re Crazy

One year my dear sister-friend, Nancy, and I went on a trip to Brown County, Indiana. We stayed in a lovely hotel on the main strip of a quaint town that sold everything from handmade candles to uniquely designed socks. Because so many artistic shops dotted the streets along that little town, seeing everything required us to move slowly and savor every moment.

One day, as Nancy and I stopped at one shop, we sat on an outdoor set of chairs to take in the view and watch the activity on the street. But something caught my eye – something I’d never seen before.

“What IS that?” I asked Nancy, as we both leaned forward, looking toward the ground.

“I don’t know.” Nancy looked as curious as I did. “I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

As we peered into the unknown, I got out my camera and tried to get a good picture of it so I could look it up later. I even got down to ground level so I could examine our new find. Though we didn’t know what was happening behind us, a man from inside the shop had been watching us and, noting our bent-over stance, offered assistance.

Very casually, from inside the doorway, the man's voice interrupted our conversation with the words, “It's a sidewalk.” After several bursts of laughter, we discovered that the little critter crawling on the sidewalk was an inchworm. Apparently neither Nancy or I were well versed in bug science.

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