Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wanna Be My Friend

While visiting my son and his family this past week, I spent some time at their local park with my grandchildren. My grandson, Kaden, whenever he saw somebody he thought would make a great buddy, would say, "Wanna be my friend? I'm 4. I'm Kaden."

As you might expect, he never lacked for friends. One day, as he went through his introduction, one little boy responded, "I'm 6. My name is Clark Kent."

How appropriate, I thought. Of all the characters on the planet, or in that case, the Daily Planet, what better choice than a Superman character for my grandson to know! Kaden's daddy, a Superman/Smallville fan, would be proud to know his son was a friend of Clark Kent's.

Clark Kent's mom put her youngest son in the swing next to my other grandson, Zac, and we talked. I told her about how her son had introduced himself as Clark Kent. Guess what? That's his real name. Mom drew the line though, when her husband wanted to name his baby brother aLEXander, though. You can take being a fan only so far.

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  1. Life is simple when you're 4 years old. Just tell a prospective friend your name,age and ask if they want to be your friend:)Lovely story.