Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June was QUITE a month! PHEW!

If you read my article, Children in Distress – Depressed and Anxious, and you paid attention to the last two children I wrote about, you will discover what MOST of my June encompassed. NEVER have I encountered anything like it, and I hope NEVER to encounter it again. Their erratic moods and behaviors threatened to permanently destroy the peace that usually permeates my home, and their behavior was affecting the behavior of the other children in my care whose parents were NOT happy when their children exhibited the new (and unwanted) behaviors.

So while I'm happy they are gone, I can't help but wonder what will become of them. I sincerely LOVE children, but these two needed more help than I could offer them and I certainly hope the State follows through with getting them the help they DESPERATELY need. So so sad for those kids.

I'm sure my intensity about the situation shows. As a result of that intensity and the awful stress I was under I felt I needed something lighter and so, to lighten my mood considerably, I wrote July 21 – National Crazy Day. Please read it and comment. It probably makes me sound like I have numerous personalities (do I?) because while I have written on the "lighter side" I normally write about important warnings and heart wrenching issues. I do hope you enjoy this new side of me, normally reserved for close personal friends, and family. Um, you may decide I should keep it for only those people. If so, let me know.

The photo, by the way, was taken back in February (I believe) of 2008 when sweet Scarlett Johansson visited the troops in Iraq. My son is pictured to HER left.

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  1. I enjoy all of your articles, Theresa, whether they're serious,or humorous:) Keep them coming.