Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend of Fashion

I ... um... 

Oh, just spit it out – OK, FINE! I HAVE NO FASHION SENSE! OK?


My children, however (well, three of them anyway), make up for my loss. When my daughter, Lindsey, FINALLY decided to follow her true calling (fashion merchandising) and asked me to accompany her to the Open House held at The Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago this past weekend, I gladly went, because even though I know nothing of fashion, I wanted to support her and encourage her to follow her dream. 

One of the instructors focused her attention on me, probably because she noticed the glazed-over effect in my eyes – how could any woman NOT be interested in fashion? I pretended I understood what they were discussing when, in fact, I felt as if I were at some kind of museum where all the artifacts came from some abstract continent located in a different world.

Lindsey saw somebody's handbag and whispered, "Do you know how much that bag cost?" I looked over at the purse and sighed, "I don't know, a hundred dollars?" Uh – that's a Bottega Veneta! If she had said it was a broccoli carrot, I would have known as much.

And then one of the instructors mentioned how Betsy Ross – was that her name? – was going to be in town and "Wow! Can you imagine being in the same room as Betsy Ross?"

And I'm thinking, didn't she design the flag? Is she still alive? I wouldn't know the woman if she fell on me.

Of course she was talking about Betsey Johnson – I think – that was the name that came up when I googled "fashion and Betsy" (maybe she's Betsy Ross reincarnated). But I knew Lindsey would be happy to meet her.

The directors and instructors went on to discuss the benefits of the school, how it was in such close proximity to the Merchandise Mart – right next door with a walkway connecting the two buildings. Housing was available and close by. Actually, everything they discussed sounded perfect for Lindsey. 

And so, for my Lindsey, I am very happy! Three years from now, she will be where she was always destined to be – in the fashion world – a world as foreign to me as Mars, but close enough for us to still get together often.

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  1. In an email from my daughter: Hope you're having a great day! I love you! Oh! But by the way, it was a Dolce and Gabbana bag ;)

    My response: Bottega Botaga Gabbata Gabbana.