Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More Driving Woes

I am going to be somewhat evasive in this blog, because I need to tell one more person about something that is happening to me (I will relate what that something is in a future blog). But I CAN tell you that some of it has to do with money and insurance.

As one with little income, like so many Americans enduring this failed economy, I am faced with having to spend my negative income on such things as housing, utilities, gas, and car insurance – must haves for anybody LIVING. I personally think insurance sales people are some of the most boring people on the planet.

OK, not really. That's what I used to think though. I've now engaged in conversation with many of them, not because I sought them out but because I know them personally, and while I find the subject of insurance boring, the people are definitely not.

My own insurance agent, believe it or not, told me that because I moved, I should probably look for somebody closer to my home. And I thought, what? I've been loyal to you all these years and now you're dumping me? I think he just couldn't imagine somebody moving so far away and still wanting to pay for insurance at such a distance.

The way I looked at it though, was that I hate listening to boring insurance quotes and spending time talking about it when I can read it online in MY time. So I looked online. And, being the impatient soul that I am, I stopped at the first place I found. Finding affordable car insurance is an absolute necessity. And my time is absolutely important. So I'm going to share this website with you in case you are looking for cheap IL car insurance. Yes, I said cheap, not as in unworthy, but as in inexpensive.

If you're as impatient as I am, and if you would rather do your own research on car insurance costs, do what I do: look online for your Illinois auto insurance quote. It's better than inviting a bunch of insurance agents into your home to quibble about rates.

And as far as that something that is happening to me is concerned, please be patient (yes, please be the exact opposite of me) – I will relate the details in a future blog. I promise.

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