Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's Been Awhile

As usual, I've been very busy, but this time I've been busy with something a little more dramatic than usual. Thursday I begin chemotherapy for breast cancer. I am writing a diary of sorts about my experiences and I will link to that article later.

But for now, I'd rather not focus on BC, because as I write this blog, my son, his wife, and two of their children are driving across the country from Oceanside, California to Quantico, Virgina, and they're stopping here at my home in Illinois tonight! They will be here in less than an hour.

As I await their arrival (very excited about them coming), I would like to link you to a few articles I've written lately. This first article has to do with cheating spouses of best friends – Cheating – Do You Tell Your Best Friend?

These next two articles were written for the paranormal section of Xomba. Both are interviews.

Neil Tobin performs at the Excalibur in Chicago every Friday night.

Leslie Rule is Ann Rule's daughter. Ann Rule writes true crime stories. Leslie Rule writes true ghost stories.

I have written more, but I don't want to inundate you with links, so enjoy! And if you are the type who believes in the power of prayer, please say one for me. Thank you.

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