Monday, July 12, 2010

It's Somebody Else

Oh, those grandkids of mine.

Here's another blog about the antics of Audrey and Nolan:

Earlier today Audrey ran into my room huffing and puffing, slammed the door, and locked it (I was sitting on my bed writing an article). Within seconds, Nolan came knocking at the door, but Audrey held her position, hand on the knob, and refused to unlock the door or let him in.

"Audrey, unlock the door, please," I politely requested.

"No!" she panted, "He's trying to hit me with something."

Audrey is five and a half. Nolan just turned three. He has just recently learned that he now has power to cause fear in his sister and he enjoys exerting his newly-found power.

So I called through the door, "Nolan…" He kept knocking. "Nolan, you're not going to hit her with anything, are you?"

He continued knocking.


And he said, as he tried (unsuccessfully) to disguise his voice, "It's somebody else."

Silly boy!

Later, we found Nolan wrapped around the leg of the table sound asleep. We have a futon, a couch, a love seat, a sofa bed, several children's cots, a king sized bed, a full sized bed, and a set of bunk beds, but despite all of those choices, Nolan chose the floor under the table.

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  1. Very funny Theresa! Don't you love the three year old antics? My daughter is three - - and boy, let me tell you - she gives us a run for our money. Let me just say we have entered the stage of "why?" So, everything you tell her is followed up by "why?" and it doesn't stop! LOL