Thursday, July 15, 2010

The New Grandson I Never Knew I Had

Yesterday I flew out to Virginia to visit my son and his family. His two sons are here (his daughter is with her other grandmother in Illinois) and so is their cousin, Wesley. I have a grandson with the same name, but this Wesley is my daughter-in-law's sister's son. So, no relation.

However, this little 5 year old hears his cousins calling me Grandma, so he started doing the same. But he called me by his other grandma's name, too – Grandma Chris, so I told him my name wasn't Grandma Chris, and he wanted to know what he should call me. He had also been calling me Grandma Wiza, which is what Kaden always calls me. So I said, well, you can call me Theresa, or you can call me Grandma Wiza, or you can call me Goddess.

He said, "I'll just call you Grandma Chris."

He started calling me Grandma Wiza, though, so as long as his mom, Vicki, doesn't mind, I'm OK with it.

Later, when his Aunt Michelle went to the store and I was in charge, he asked, "Can I have some M&Ms?"

I told him, "No you already had M&Ms. It's time for a healthy snack. Do you want a banana, an apple, or a plum?"

"NO, I want something for my tummy," he said, as if I thought he wanted the M&Ms for some other reason, like maybe for his artwork or something.

"I know. So what do you want, a banana, an apple, or a plum?"

"A banana will be good for my tummy?" he asked.


"I won't turn into a werewolf or nothing?"

Huh? He was serious. When he realized he wasn't getting anything other than a healthy snack, he took the banana. After he had the banana, he told me he needed M&Ms now because he had "scrubbles" in his tummy.

Scrubbles? Hadn't heard that term before, but I thought it sounded like it could be the sound gas makes moving around a slightly empty tummy. Clever, Wesley!

Anyway, later, after his Aunt Michelle arrived home, he wanted to know if pizza would cause him to be a werewolf and his Aunt Michelle told him that if there were mushrooms on it, it might.

I'm beginning to understand his fears about becoming a werewolf.


  1. I wanna know, how can he do that THING with his foot???? LOL
    Good article!

  2. One of my sons had a two part tummy. One would get full at dinner time, but the other part had room for dessert.

    I think I have the same kind! (Remembering a certain decadent and gooey birthday treat at the Library!)