Thursday, May 26, 2011

God's Control

Nolan, who will be four in a couple of weeks, and I were sitting on the front porch waiting for Audrey's bus to arrive. We had just come from the back yard where I was crocheting a white necklace and he was bringing me bugs he liked to watch roll up into balls.

In my experience with my own kids and grandkids, the transition from a three-year-old to a four-year-old is obvious. No longer little babies, the four-year-old becomes a child, and Nolan is making that transition in some pretty astounding ways.

After a few jumps out of my chair where I avoided the dirt he wanted to place on my leg so I could watch the bug roll up into a little ball ON MY LEG, he agreed to stand close to the chair but not so close he would drop dirt onto my lap, and I could watch the bug in his hand.

He had already ridden his bicycle and his scooter, and he had already played on the swing set before he delved into the dirt that sits in a heap next to the garage.

Now it was time for Audrey to come home, so we sat on the porch listening to the sounds of the birds and waiting for the yellow school bus that would stop a block away, clearly seen from our front porch.

After a couple of minutes, Nolan broke the silence with this question: Does God have a controller that makes us walk and talk?

A smile swept across my face. How did he ever come up with a question like that? Before I could answer him, I had to know where that came from.

"What made you ask that question?" I wanted to know.

"I don't know, but does He?"

"Did somebody else you know ask that question? Did you hear it somewhere?"


"Well," I went one, "God doesn't control anything you do. Every day, all day, you control what you do by the choices you make. You decide how you are going to act."

"Really? God doesn't have a controller?"

Yes, really. Later, after mom and dad had come home and dinner was cleared, tornado warning sirens caused Brittney and Audrey to race to one door. Nolan ran to another door. Through the sirens, we heard, "What the hell?"

And once again, Nolan was asked, "Where did you hear that?" Only this time, noting the concern in his parents' eyes, he broke down in tears. Brittney picked him up and held him, and explained that we don't use those words, and he eventually calmed down.

The storm calmed too, eventually. We never found out where he heard those words, possibly from watching youtube videos on my iPhone. He's supposed to ask permission before he clicks a video. However, I sometimes find myself grabbing it from him when he doesn't ask and I hear things he shouldn't be watching.

But Nolan is learning how to be a four-year-old and he's learning about how much control he has over his own life.

The video above, an Easter play put on by Audrey and Nolan, is actually Part II of the original video. Part I, the introduction, took up so much time that I ran out of space on my camera before the entire play was complete.

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