Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How Would YOU Like It?

That red bump on his head did NOT
come from me throwing a shirt at him.
Also, that gift he received on his birthday,
a little fan, was his favorite gift.

Short blog today, but something I don't want to forget:

My grandson, Nolan, turned 4 this month. Every time he opens his mouth lately, I am surprised by what comes out of it.

Just this morning, for example, I pulled out some clothes for him to wear for the day. I thought I was playing with him when, as he sat down on the floor to put on his pants, I flung a shirt in his direction, and it landed on his head.

He got very serious and looked up at me as he straightened his hair with his hands. "How would you like it if somebody threw something on your head? Was that a nice thing to do?"

I was probably supposed to react with the same serious tone as he had, but instead I laughed (sorry, Nolan, I couldn't help it), and then immediately apologized because I saw that this had become a very serious issue for him.

He does NOT like anybody touching his hair, apparently even with a shirt. And he is learning proper manners, something he probably feels I "mussed" still learn.

Stay tuned. With so many grandchildren, somebody is always saying something that makes my blogs.

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