Friday, June 10, 2011

Taylor and her Temper Tantrum Throwing Brother, Zac

Taylor, Kaden, Zac, and I went to my daughter-in-law's frozen yogurt and smoothie shop yesterday where the kids all got to choose their favorite yogurt with instructions from their mom – NO TOPPINGS!

But Zac wanted syrup on his, so his mom gave in and allowed him a little bit of syrup. Zac wanted more. Mom said no, and 3-year-old Zac flew into a rage, which was completely uncharacteristic of him. He must have been really tired, I reasoned.

But when he continued to scream, we left the store and Taylor and I attempted to get Zac into my car. His hands grabbed the doorway, his feet braced the bottom and he latched on like he was glued to the out side of the car as he refused to get in. He WANTED MORE SYRUP! By this time, though, Kaden had finished Zac's yogurt so it was gone.

After several minutes of struggle, we got Zac into the car, but his tantrum grew explosively because now he decided he wanted to go back to the store to see Mommy. Mommy, however, didn't want him in the store while he was throwing a tantrum. So we drove the 2 minutes it took to get home and attempted to get him out of the car. I could see that Taylor was getting frustrated and I told her to just let him be and he would get over it.

Telling him to calm down wasn't working, though, because he kept screaming that he either wanted more syrup or he wanted his mom. At this point I was willing to pour syrup all over his mother, but I remained calm.

Holding onto the car, Zac now refused to get out of the car, so we struggled again, this time to get him into the house, where he continued to throw a tantrum and Taylor continued to be upset by him. I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!

So I told Taylor to do what I was doing. While waiting for Zac to complete his tantrum I was imagining myself in a very long swing hanging from a very long branch of a very large tree. Swinging back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, listening to the birds chirp and enjoying the beautiful breeze.

"Yeah?" Taylor told me. "Well, I'm in that tree and all I can hear is a bunch of dogs barking at the bottom of the tree!"

Refusing to listen to my suggestion to calm down, Zac said, "But I can't breathe."

"Do you want me to hold you?" I asked him. He climbed on my lap, depleted, and promptly fell asleep. When he awoke three hours later, he forgot about the yogurt, and we got our peaceful Zac back.

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