Thursday, July 21, 2011

Where Babies Come From

Dolls In Hospital Awaiting Birth

Audrey and Nolan Taking a Break from
Swimming on Living Room Floor
Audrey and Nolan are playing house right now where they have designated various parts of my house as different rooms, including a hospital where all of the babies that can be naked are naked (see photo) and are awaiting birth.

One of those babies is an American Girl doll (Addy or Addie – I'm not sure how to spell it). Yesterday Audrey's Aunt Laura took her to the American Girl store in Chicago and Aunt Laura brought along Audrey's new American Girl doll (courtesy of Aunt Laura) so Aunt Laura could purchase matching clothes Audrey could share with her new doll, which she named Cindy.

Right now Audrey and Nolan are taking a break after swimming in the living room pool (a layout of blankets). When I asked Audrey why she wasn't playing with both of her American Girl dolls, Audrey explained:

"Well, Addy (Addie) is still in the hospital because I'm not pregnant with her yet."

A little while later I heard her tell Nolan that she was pregnant and that she had to go to the hospital to get her baby. Now Cindy is part of their family.

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  1. Cute! It's funny the way kids think. :O)