Monday, August 8, 2011

What Is Wrong With This Picture? BINGO! You Got It!

My grandchildren love playing games. Audrey especially enjoys Bingo games. I was playing Bingo with her a while ago and forgot to post this blog about the weirdest Bingo game I've ever played. Or should I say the weirdest Bingo game I ever noticed was weird.

Take a good long look at the cards and see if you can find the problem. Go ahead look at them very carefully. I'll wait.

Did you notice that on both cards a number appears twice in two separate columns?

When I was a kid, Bingo was numbered B, 1-15, I, 16-30, N, 31-45, G, 46-60, and O, 61-75. Obviously things have changed, because now 29 is both an "I" number and an "N" number, and 75 is a "G" number as well as an "O" number.


I wonder if having two numbers in two separate columns increases or decreases your chances of winning. In my case I lost because out of the two cards I had, both of which are pictured above, I didn't have 29 or 75.

I guess it's time to update my game skills and start playing online Bingo. Maybe the online Bingo sites number their cards correctly!

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