Thursday, August 25, 2011

Moving Out of the City

Content by Sol Rosales

I decided that it was time for me to move out of the city and get myself a house a little outside of the city. Even though I have to drive in to work every day, I’m loving having space for my new puppy. That was my favorite part of having a new house. I knew that if I moved out of the city that I could get my own sweet little puppy. I decided on a Labrador retriever because I had one when I was growing up. Some people think that they’re too wild, but I knew that I would have a place for her to run. I named her “Pup,” which doesn’t really fit her anymore because she’s gotten so big! I’ve also gotten to do things like put up curtains, buy real furniture, and all of those ‘grown-up’ things. It’s also been an adjustment having to sign up for electricity (I compared, water, and my cable company. Overall, I’ve loved having a new house, and am loving having all of this space!

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