Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mona Lisa Taylor – My Granddaughter's 1st Play – Watch Out Broadway!

My granddaughter, Taylor, just acted and sang in her first play, The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley, Jr., which I and my youngest daughter, Brittney, along with two of her children, Audrey and Nolan, got to see with Taylor's mom, grandma, and brothers, Kaden and Zac.

The original Flat Stanley project is a literacy program that allows children around the globe to "publish stories, describe local traditions and scenery, talk about Stanley's adventures, and post pictures" (from the Flat Stanley web site). 

In the case of the play though, Flat Stanley is a character who finds himself suddenly flat after being crushed in bed. The advantages of being flat are that he can place himself in an envelope and mail himself to all parts of the world. 

Taylor played the role of Mona Lisa, a painting at the Louvre that talked. She and the whole crew had practiced for so many hours over so many days, I shouldn't have been surprised that it ran as smoothly as it did. What a talented little group!

Taylor looked so comfortable on the stage, I saw Broadway lights flashing in my mind and I couldn't help but be proud of her for memorizing her lines and for playing the part of Mona Lisa so well. Her brother, Zac, couldn't help but blurt out her name every time he saw her either. His other grandma and I kept shushing him, but he had such a big wide grin on his face, I thought his little outbursts were really cute and I think Taylor thought so too. Zac was obviously happy to see his sister on stage.

The play was funny and cute, and I really enjoyed it, but the part I loved the best was at the very end, after all of the cast members had taken their bows – there was Taylor jumping up and down and clapping, because she was so happy. (I wonder if anybody caught her exhilaration on camera).

Great job, Mona Lisa Taylor.

By the way Flat Stanley has a Facebook page and you can follow Stanley with the Flat Stanley App (just click the links). 

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  1. She acts very well all I can say is that she is a talented person. Keep it up!