Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Secrets My Family Doesn't Want Me To Tell

Hidden in my head are thousands – you heard me – THOUSANDS of secrets I've been sworn not to tell ANYBODY.

Sometimes I sneak those little secrets into blogs  – disguised. But seriously, you have no idea how many times friends and family tell me things I am sworn NOT to tell.

Since my family doesn't read my blogs, I'd like to share one of those dirty little secrets here – in this blog – UNdisguised. My family doesn't read my blogs anyway (evil grin).

Yes, sad as it is to write it, and even more sad to actually admit it, my family doesn't read my blogs.

However, I should probably add that since I posted a title that's sure to arouse curiosity, some of them may actually read this one and then expel a huge sigh of relief when they realize I haven't divulged more than just one secret.

The secret? My family doesn't read my blogs. (I can hear the heart flutters easing as I write that last sentence.)

Though they will never admit to having read this blog, I have the satisfaction of knowing they probably did.

Light bulb moment: I think I've just discovered how to get my family to read my blogs!

Disclaimer: two of my family members sometimes (emphasis on sometimes) read my blogs and I'm sure they are breathing HUGE sighs of relief right now.

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