Sunday, December 11, 2011

Zac Remembers Being In The Womb

Zac and Kaden visiting their Dad in Virginia
My youngest granddaughter, Avery, was born a couple of months ago. When I discussed Avery's birth with Zac, who was still 3 at the time, I told him that Avery was no longer in her mommy's tummy.

"I know," Zac responded. "It was fun being in my mommy's tummy."

Playing along, I said, "You remember being in your mommy's tummy?"


"What did you do in your mommy's tummy?" I wanted to know.

" I was a crazy psycho boy," Zac responded.

"A crazy psycho boy?" I laughed.

"Yeah, it was fun. It was like wrestling in a tent."

"Who were you wrestling with?"


Because he was an extremely active infant before he was born, I could find no argument with his memory of being a "crazy psycho boy" in his mommy's tummy, and when he added that it was, "like wrestling in a tent," I couldn't help but wonder how he related being wrapped in a tent and kicking his way out of it to being in his mommy's tummy.

I think his experience requires more investigation ;)

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