Monday, February 11, 2013

A Day in the Life of an 11 Year Old Boy

Oh, gee, what shall I do today? I know. I'll watch TV. I might even make a marathon of watching as many episodes of American Dad, The Cleveland Show, or Family Guy that I can fit into a day. I wonder which one would annoy my grandmother the most. 

Probably doesn't matter. Listening to the theme for The Cleveland Show over and over and over and over and over and over…ad nauseum should be enough to send her over the edge. 

Then I'll make myself something to eat. I won't pay attention to crumbs or spaghetti sauce that plops all over the stove, the microwave, or the counter. I'm sure somebody will clean that up. 

Mom and Grandma should be grateful that I throw stuff in the garbage at all. Of course, I don't notice that the garbage is already overflowing with other garbage, so I'll just throw it in the general direction of the garbage and somebody else will pick up whatever makes it onto the floor.

After I see Grandma twitching from over stimulation because of my endless repetitive TV choices and after I watch her aggravation at having to experience what she refers to as endless torture, I'll play with the new wii she got. You know, to give her a break. After she calms down, I'll have another marathon so she can listen to another theme song over and over and over and over… .

And tomorrow? Another day – another marathon. And when I complete all the series of all my favorite TV shows that Netflix offers, I'll start from the beginning and watch them all over again.

Grandma's note: I was laughing as I wrote this blog, because when I told Jeremy I was going to write it, he laughed too, as I walked him through his day. Oh, I forgot to mention (because I promised him that I would) that he walks around the house on his toes. I think he was probably a ballerina in a previous life. In this life he is already showing great promise as a brilliant (and creative) writer.

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