Monday, August 12, 2013

Put Humpty Dumpty Together with Asthma!

When I'm at my youngest daughter's home, her kids often play in the back yard with neighborhood kids. Ages range from almost 2 to 9. Yesterday, as I was sitting in the shade, one little 6-year-old boy brought me a broken Humpty Dumpty egg.

"Can you fix it?" he asked me.

"I can try," I told him. "Let me see it."

So he handed me the cracked egg and I attempted to repair it, noticing that it would latch on one side, but the other side was broken.

"I don't think I can fix this side," I said, pointing to it. I noticed he was breathing heavily and I could hear him wheezing. As an asthmatic, I'm sensitive to the sounds of an impending attack. "Do you have asthma?" I asked him.

"No," he responded, "but I think we have wood glue."

(photo credit: Cover of a 1904 adaptation of Humpty Dumpty by William Wallace Denslow.)

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