Saturday, December 7, 2013

Rules of Exercising

   For a long time I didn't allow any kids on my stationary bicycle after my kids broke the first one I had. Decades later I finally bought a new one and NO ONE was allowed to ride it. 

But it sits next to my treadmill in my family room now and because everything is open and I can see what goes on in the family room from the kitchen and dining room, I decided to allow my grandkids to use the treadmill as long as they followed the rules. The rules are to walk slowly when babies are around and to hold onto the sides or the handles depending on the child's height.

When winter weather came around, I decided that as long as my grandkids followed a few simple rules (not sitting on the wheels and riding it only if their feet could touch the pedals), they could ride my exercise bike. Great idea, right? 

My 2-year-old granddaughter, however, unable to figure out how to ride the bike with her feet in the pedals, devised this new sitting position that allowed her to at least sit on the bike.

Gotta give her credit for her ingenuity.

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