Monday, January 10, 2011

The Day My Kids Asked to Wear My Clothes

Raising kids alone has its perks, because the single parent who is left home to care for the kids is also the parent who witnesses all of the funny things their kids do and say. I may not have gotten the house OR the car, but I got my kids and for that I have always been grateful.

One day, when my three youngest kids were teenagers, I found one of my daughters, Lindsey, rummaging through my closet. None of my kids had ever before even opened the door. Perplexed, I just had to ask what she was looking for.

"Clothes," she said.

WOW! Was I flattered. To think that one of my kids would want to wear something of mine was amazing. Nobody before had EVER asked to wear anything of mine. As a matter of fact, everybody had always complained about my lack of fashion sense. And now, my daughter actually wanted to wear something I owned.

So I was feeling pretty good about myself until my daughter put the whole situation into perspective when she added, "Tomorrow is grunge day at school."

And – it continues:

Just this past weekend, when one of my daughters came to my home in Illinois (I am still in Virginia visiting my son and his family) to visit another daughter of mine (Brittney) who, along with her husband and children, moved in with me a couple of summers ago, Lindsey looked through my closet to find something to wear.

Surprisingly, Lindsey found something she liked, and then went into the kitchen to tell Brittney, "Wow! Mom has some really cute clothes in there!"

Funny thing is, when my daughter-in-law once came to visit, she had said exactly the same thing.

Well, guess what happened when Brittney and her family moved in with me? She didn't have enough room in her closets to fit all of her clothes, so she put a bunch of them in mine.

I guess I still don't have any fashion sense.


  1. That was very nice to read :)
    It reminded me of this one day I was little, and I had a friend over at my place. Mom and dad were away at work so me and my friend took over mom`s wardrobe. The funny thing is that the most interesting pieces we had in mind for trying on were the lingerie ones :)

    Now I can`t wait to be a mother, consider yourself lucky to be blessed with these jewels we call children.

    Eva Knox,

  2. lol that is too funny! i think u dress just fine!

  3. Your daughters are beautiful -- and I know where they got their good looks, although not their clothes!