Monday, January 3, 2011

Surprises in Small Packages – My Hilarious Christmas Present

Celebrating Christmas with my son and his family is a rare occasion, so when the opportunity arose this year allowing me to spend Christmas with Greg and his family, I was thrilled – a bittersweet thrill, because it meant I couldn't spend Christmas with the rest of my family, but I had missed so many years of Greg being gone to Japan and Iraq (4 times) and other parts of the world, I really couldn't pass up the invitation.

(As much as I would love to spend holidays with the entire family, the likelihood that all of us will ever get to spend the holidays in one place at one time again is pretty slim – though I am hopeful).

Anyway, here I was, having Christmas with my son and his family, watching them open gifts, taking videos and pictures, when my son and daughter-in-law told me how sorry they were that I didn't have a gift to open.

I didn't care. I didn't really want anything, but they had already ordered something for me – it just hadn't arrived yet, so Michelle showed me an online picture of my gift – a pair of boots. I like the sweater look in boots, so I was already looking forward to getting the gift I told them I didn't want.

The funny thing about my shoe size is that I can wear a 3 in children size or a 4 and a half in adult size. Finding adult shoes in my size, though, is nearly impossible.

Michelle explained to me that she couldn't get the boot in a 4 and a half, so she got me a size 5. Because of my persistently swollen right foot (since November, 1999), size 5 is more comfortable for my right foot anyway. I just have to be careful not to fall out of my left shoe.

I was surprised she was able to find it in a size 5 since most stores, including online stores, don't usually carry sizes that small, but I was fairly certain that if one existed, Michelle would be able to find it. Now I really was looking forward to the expected deliver date of December 28th.

Everybody, especially Kaden, was eagerly awaiting my gift arrival day. When my gift arrived, we opened the box and found the size 5 boots (see in photo above). Good things really do come in small packages, and this one came with a surprise.

Who knew how many different size 5 boots we could order? Look at my beautiful brand new baby boots!

P.S. HUGE CONFESSION – After all of my chemo infusions, I started taking a chemo pill every day, which, along with the weather, has contributed to my skin becoming so cracked and dried and my nails so brittle, I had to give myself a Photoshop pedicure and a smooth-tool brush around my toes to cover up the unsightly areas of my foot. I missed some areas, but nobody ever gave me any awards for my Photoshop skills. (Admit it – aren't you impressed by the color match between the boots and the fake nail polish?) By the way, we took back the boots.

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  1. These boots look great! ... but a little bit small for your leg, no? :)