Friday, March 23, 2012

How to Paste Suntan Lotion Onto Your Skin

HOT today. Dripping hot here in Virginia. I slathered suntan lotion on my face, neck, and arms before I ventured out with three of my grandchildren, but when we got to the park, I realized that I had forgotten to lotion my feet and legs. Robyn said, that's OK, I have some in the diaper bag.

So I reached into the diaper bag, found a tube, rubbed it all over the top of my feet, and noticed that the consistency was much thicker than was mine. Hmm, I thought to myself, I guess stronger baby lotions are thicker to better protect new skin from the sun, so I continued to grease up my legs.

As I put the cap on the tube and returned it to the diaper bag, I realized that I had just lathered myself in butt paste.

After dinner, all I wanted to do was shower, but my son had showered and so had his kids, so I asked if he thought I would have enough water to take a shower. Oh, yeah! he  said.

So I got in the shower and just after I lathered my hair in shampoo and just before I wiped off all the butt paste, the hot water ran out. My legs, however, now feel like a baby's butt.

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