Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We All Live With a Yellow Submarine

My Marine son, his two sons, and I were discussing what the boys wanted to be when they grew up. Kaden, who I call my little scientist, is a brilliant little boy who truly is smart enough to make a brilliant scientist some day.

Zac, who previously told me he wanted to be a cop, has changed his mind. He now says he wants to be a submarine, just like his daddy. 

Close, Zac,

Before dinner tonight, when I was telling him that we were going to go out to eat, Zac said he didn't want to go out to eat. When I told him that he needed nutrients so he could grow up, he said he didn't want to grow up. 

"Do you want to stay this size forever?" I asked him.



"Because if I be a grownup, I won't have a dad anymore."

I didn't quite follow his logic, but I told him, "You'll always have your Daddy, Zac. Always."

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