Monday, February 9, 2009

Evil People Should Be Forced Into "Conscienceness"

I probably shouldn't be as upset over this whole Paul Mousehound (not his real name) thing as I am, but I am. The man is pure evil. You would think he had an evil personality, that he looked wicked. Actually, he looks nondescript and he has the personality of vomit.

He bought a mobile home from me on contract and then decided he would live there without paying rent and without actually paying for the home for as long as he could get away with it. I reported him to the park and I called the cops to try to get him out. As you might guess, even though the people at the park office told me I could get him out that day by calling the Sheriff's office, I couldn't. 

You see, over the weekend I had decided to go to MY home to find out when he was going to pay me. Just to show you how morally corrupt he is, I should tell you that he called the cops on ME (think Pacific Heights, the movie where the evil character portrayed by Michael Keaton destroys people's lives). And now I'm not allowed anywhere near the property until mouse turd moves out. 

That's how this Mousehound guy operates. He steals money from people – strangers – and expects them to pay his bills while he bounces from house to house living freely like the convict that he is.

I would LOVE to find out who his next victims are, so I could warn them of their impending victimization, but I have no way of knowing who they are.

What's really odd about this person, beyond his sociopathic lack of conscience, is that he is a DJ! I can't imagine hiring this boring, lazy, psychotic nonhuman to DJ any event. Oh, how I wish I could tell you who he is, so you could avoid coming close to his evilness.

Sadly, the guy has five children who are learning how to corrupt people around them.

This is how evil perpetuates and proliferates. 

Beware of mouseturds in this world. Like cockroaches, they multiply. And no matter how hard you try to pound a conscience into them, they prefer to live their lives as if they are looking forward to their hell in eternity.

You can read my article about evil on under the title, "Evil Faces of Greed and Feeblemindedness."  

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  1. You SHOULD write his name! You can do that, you know. I read your article. And just remember, Karma may take awhile, but she always shows up eventually. You get what you give.