Monday, March 16, 2009

A Day of Blogs

This past weekend I was sick (still am - COPD), but instead of resting, something my body refuses to do EVER, I sat at my computer (so, yes, I guess in a way I was resting), and I wrote ALL DAY LONG!

I finished an article, Miracle on the Rock, for Associated Content, and I created a new blog at – oh, no – I can't remember the name of my new blog. Well, actually, I can remember the name, because it's my name, but I can't remember where I put it.

Ah, thank you, mind, I remember – it's located on wordpress. Yes. I forgot to put that little piece of information into my online folder which I have aptly called Where Things Are. My Where Things Are folder includes miscellaneous writings and things I've placed around my actual home.

You see, I have a habit of putting things in places where NOBODY will find them. Sadly, NOBODY includes me. I'll say things like, Hmm, where should I put this? Oh, yes, here. I'll put it here. Nobody will find it here. And that's true. Nobody, including me, will ever find it.

Usually it's because I'm interrupted. Somebody needs me (it's so lovely to be needed) and I drop whatever I'm doing to attend to his or her needs, and when I go back to retrieve the item I dropped, it is gone. Somebody may have kicked it under the bed or thrown it into a toy bin. So when I find my lost treasure, I immediately put it somewhere safe.

When I look for something I can't find, I automatically assume it's been stolen, because I can't find it anywhere. Even when I'm the only one home – poltergeists? But I was getting tired of looking for things so I created my Where Things Are folder.

I forget passwords too. Like the one for my myspace account. I've been phished so many times on it, and I've had so many passwords for it, that I always have to think about what the password is TODAY!

I'm done. If you happen across this blog and are interested in reading Miracle on the Rock, go to Associated Content, run a search on the title – put it in quotes – and read about how God answered my prayer.

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  1. Agatha Christi was absent minded. I was always afraid I couldn't be any good at writing because I can be scatterbrained and have a poor memory for details. I felt better when I found out she had the same problems and excelled anyway. In fact, a poor memory can be a great catalyst to creativity!