Monday, March 9, 2009

Yesterday's trip

Here is a photo of my trip yesterday.

It occurred in only a minute and it happened so far inland that people will not believe it was actually a monsoon. After all, I am nowhere near the Indian Ocean or southwest India or southern Asia. 

I was standing under the canopy of a restaurant pushing one of my granddaughters into the truck so I could climb over her to sit in between her and one of my grandsons in the back seat. In that one minute, the bottoms of my jeans were soaked with rain. Remember, I was under a canopy. But the rain was blowing horizontally and at such a horrific rate of speed, it took only seconds before I was completely soaked.

On the way home my son-in-law found it difficult to keep the truck on the road. I have to hand it to him, though, I think I too would find it difficult to study and drive at the same time DURING A WIND STORM. My daughter was sleeping in the passenger seat after we noticed an upright truck with an upside down trailer sitting in the ditch. I gripped my imaginary steering wheel and pretended we were in nirvana.

Prior to our arrival, though, on the way TO meet my other daughter and my daughter-in-law, my youngest daughter drove so that her husband could study without driving. Their son, who was sitting next to me in the back seat, was crying for his mommy. He wanted her to hold him. Grandma doesn't exist when Mommy is around. Mommy comes first. But when my daughter turned around to comfort her son, a thousand cars stopped in front of her and we had to come to a halting screech. That was when my granddaughter leaned over to me to say that (even though at first it scared her) it was "a tiny bit fun."

I'm sure memories of Disneyland rides were still fresh in her mind from a couple of weeks ago.

When I arrived home, the daughter we met at the restaurant told me that three tornadoes were sighted while we were standing outside the restaurant and that people at the local mall had to vacate the stores and stand in the middle of the mall while they waited for the weather to pass.

We didn't know about the warnings, so we drove home through tornado/hurricane and monsoon-type conditions. See actual photo above. It was exhilarating!

P.S. I tend to exaggerate.

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  1. Oh man! I was sleeping and it all woke me up, and I thought I had it bad. I probably would've pulled the car over and cried if I was in your situation!