Saturday, March 12, 2011

Audrey and Nolan Name their New Baby

Audrey and Nolan playing dress-up.
Ever since Nolan could talk, whenever he pretends, he always plays with some invisible character known as Jack. The only Jack I know is Jack-Jack from the movie, The Incredibles.

Well, now Nolan and Audrey's mom is pregnant and Brittney and Scott have been discussing names for the new baby. They look through baby books and rule out the names they don't want, but haven't yet come up with a name they want for their new baby (if he's a boy).

If the baby is a girl, Brittney knows what she wants to name her (though I can't tell you, because she's afraid somebody will steal it).

The boy name she had previously chosen was taken by my granddaughter who named her baby, Colin. Scott didn't particularly like that name though. And, since Brittney doesn't want duplicate names in the family, she has to come up with something nobody else is using. As a result, Brittney and Scott have not yet come up with a boy name that either of them likes.

But Audrey and Nolan have it figured out. They want the baby's name, if he is a boy, to be Jack. They have even picked out his middle name, Frost.

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